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Visualizer/troubleshooting tool for single Kubernetes clusters
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Kubricks (Alpha)

Kubricks is currently in an alpha release stage. Please do not rely solely on this product to troubleshoot your deployment. It is very important to cross check information being displayed to information from kubectl describe.

What is it?

Kubricks is an Electron App designed to provide intuitive graphs of current cluster deployment to engineers. It allows us to:

  • Visualize cluster resources and their relationships
  • Condtionally render resources to highlight errors


In order to properly utilize the Kubricks app, a few conditions have to be met. You should have:

  • A Kubernetes cluster deployed
  • Configured kubectl to the right context (i.e. GKE, Minikube)

How it works

Kubricks queries Kubernetes apiserver through the Kubernetes Javascript Client library, using the context of kubectl config current-context.


  • If would like to give Kubricks a try, please visit and download the installer for your operating system.

Navigating The App

Cluster View

Cluster View mirrors the way kublet interacts with resources that are hosted on specific nodes. This view is primarily to display pods that are hosted on a particular node. Additionally, persistent volumes that are part of a pod's configuration are also rendered.

Traffic View

Traffic View mirrors the way kube-proxy directs incoming requests to different pods through services. This view is to render services with selected pods, and to highlight port mapping errors.


Kubricks is currenty in alpha release. We are still testing, adding features, and polishing the app. We welcome any feedback!

See the LICENSE for more details on license.

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