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Boring library for summoning implicits


What is this nonsense?

beckon provides traits for some common shapes of type parameterized implicits in Scala. Could be useful for tagless final style.

Example usage of one of the traits, Summon1:

import beckon._

trait Store[F[_]] { def store(s: Thing): F[Unit] }
object Store extends Summon1[Store]

implicit val listStore: Store[IO] = ...

Store[IO].store(thing) //IO[Unit]


To be honest, it's not even worth publishing an artifact for 9 lines of code, so just copy/paste the things you're interested in (the source lives in src/main/scala/beckon). Enjoy!

Possibly more sane alternatives

See cats-tagless. They have an annotation for that.


Q: Why not a single trait for all possible shapes?

A: kind polymorphism isn't a thing in Scala 2.x :(

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