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cucumber web steps for capybara that can be used in any application(blackjack and hookers included)
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Cucumber web steps Build Status


Before you start, please read this.

This gem just collected common browsing step, just to prevent you from repeating self by writing every time this steps in every your project.

Write your own steps, use this steps if you really need to write in scenario "When I click ..."


Capybara powered common cucumber web steps for any web application (blackjack and hookers included).


  • Here collected all "web steps" you need and even more(-=INCLUDED STEPS DOCUMENTATION LINK=-)
  • Support your favorite testing framework (test/unit, minitest, rspec-1, rspec-2) Note: not yet tested with rspec-1, coming soon
  • work with both :rack_test and :selenium drivers
  • all in one place, DRY.
  • launchy included :)
  • blackjack and hookers ;)


and enjoy!


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