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Mar 17, 2015

Apple - French keyboard on Windows

If you're on Windows and you need the apple-french keyboard layout, this project is the solution.

It gives you:

  • the perfect layout
  • switch cmd and ctrl to be closer to macosx (like copy/paste)
  • a way to use the media controls


At first, there's no mapping for Apple keyboard in Windows. You have to find and install the correct layout. Though, on Internet, you'll find some but they do not handle well for instance @, #, <, >. This is why I did my own layout.

Here, you've got the source of the layout and the distribuable.

If you want to edit the source, you'll need the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. You'll be able to edit src/apple-fr.klc.

If you want to install it, just run dist/apple-fr/setup.exe.

Switch cmd and ctrl

Apple uses cmd as control to do copy, paste, control all the text, etc. So we need to modify ctrl into cmd and vice-versa. We'll be macosx compliant.

Simply run dist/switch-cmd-ctrl.reg.

How to use media controls

Download this app, it will do the job for you.

Enjoy! And if you have any better way, or any good idea, do not hesitate to make a PR or create an issue.


  • There's no right-ctrl (yet?). Could be sometimes a problem. Last time, I played to a specific game, it askes me to make one choice between two solutions. To make this choice, it was left-ctrl or right-ctrl. I couldn't choose the right-ctrl choice. Too bad.
  • left-alt doesn't work like right-alt. left-alt is reserved to Windows. All characters are available only via right-alt. Do not use left-alt for that, you'll be surprised if not.
  • You can edit more your keyboard layout via KeyTweak. I was able for instance to disable windows key (on ctrl, as I've switched cmd and ctrl).


A solution to use the Apple Wireless Keyboard on Windows.






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