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Quran Translation Maintenance Project

This is a collaborative effort to keep the digized version of the Dhivehi Quran translation up-to-date and error free. This version is currently used by, zekr and among others.

Before commiting changes, please read the project guidelines carefully.


  • Create an alternate branch with transliterated arabic words - in progress
  • translate the foreword to english - in progress

Project Guidelines

  • The project's aim is to produce a digital copy word-for-word and there fore, you must NOT add your own interpretations,opinions etc.. basically, if it's not in the official translation, don't think about it.

  • The alternate branch contains transliterated arabic words. Do NOT mix up the two branches.

  • While we recognize that there have been debates about the quality of the translation and disagreements among some scholars, it is NOT the concern of this project to correct them at this time. However, contributors may correct typing errors.

  • NEVER ADD OR REMOVE ROWS from the file. this is VERY IMPORTANT

  • only use unicode input methods to enter text. This means you must change your text entry language to “dhivehi” while typing dhivehi, and to “Arabic” while typing Arabic. (you may need to setup your system to allow this. Go to regional settings and add keyboad layout*)

  • use a reliable text-editor that supports unicode, and edit in plain-text mode only (don't introduce rich-text markups,BOM's etc…)


The following people have contributed to this project in various ways over time

  • Naail Abdul Rahman
  • Bunyameen Bin Muhammed
  • Mohamed Nisham
  • Mohamed Malik
  • Yusuf Shunan
  • Akbar Asif
  • Mohamed Vishah
  • Ajwad Zaheer