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Thaana Starter pack for OSX

This package is meant to help new users on OSX install a basic Dhivehi/Thaana package onto their system with minimal fuss. Everybody knows how new users to OSX love to harass the poor tech fellows to help them install these things.

This should help ease some of the pain, or so I hope.

Installed packages.

  • Thaana Keyboard layouts
    • Thaana
      your standard issue keylayout, and by default the preferred one.
    • Thaana2 will both be installed. the alternative layout with rtl overrides next to .,! and others. Only to be used if the first one doesn't work properly.
  • Fonts
    • A_Bismillah
    • MV Amaan XP
    • MV Eamaan XP
    • MV Faruma
    • MV Faseyha
    • MV Iyyu Formal
    • MV Waheed
    • Thaana Unicode Akeh