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🦁 Brave Search add-on that brings the magic of ChatGPT to search results (powered by GPT-4o!)


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BraveGPT brings the magic of ChatGPT to Brave Search (powered by GPT-4o!)

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🚀 Installation

  1. Install Tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) (required for Streaming Mode) or Violentmonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

  2. Install BraveGPT (will load in userscript manager installed above)

  3. Visit, type your search, engage bot!

Tampermonkey Users

If you are installing Tampermonkey (v5.2.0+) for the first time from the Chrome Web Store, you must enable Developer Mode for userscripts to function.

To do so, visit chrome://extensions > activate Developer Mode toggle > restart browser

💡 Note: If you installed Tampermonkey from the add-on store for Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera, then Developer Mode is not required.

🌐 Compatibility

BraveGPT is compatible w/ the following browsers using Tampermonkey (recommended for Streaming Mode) or Violentmonkey.

🖥️ Desktop


If you've tested it to work in a browser not listed, create a pull request to become a contributor!

🕵️ Proxy Mode

Proxy API Mode (disabled by default) returns text responses using GPT-4o, without the need for a account.

When disabled, a ChatGPT account is required to fetch responses. If OpenAI API is acting unreliable, enable Proxy Mode like this:

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⚡ Dependencies

chatgpt.js © 2023–2024 KudoAI & contributors under the MIT license
generate-ip © 2024 Adam Lui & contributors under the MIT license
highlight.js © 2006 Ivan Sagalaev under the BSD 3-Clause license
KaTeX © 2013–2020 Khan Academy & other contributors under the MIT license
Marked © 2018+ MarkedJS © 2011–2018 Christopher Jeffrey under the MIT license

🧠 Contributors

This app exists thanks to code, translations, issues & ideas from the following contributors:

Consider giving this project a ⭐ if it helped you!

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