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BraveGPT brings the magic of ChatGPT to Brave Search (powered by GPT-4!)

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🚀 Installation

  1. Install Tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera)

  2. Install BraveGPT (will load in userscript manager installed above)

  3. Visit, type your search, engage bot!

⚡ Dependencies


BraveGPT relies on code from the powerful chatgpt.js library © 2023–2024 KudoAI & contributors under the MIT license
...and the KaTeX library © 2013–2020 Khan Academy & contributors under the MIT license.

🌐 Compatibility

BraveGPT is compatible w/ the following browsers using Tampermonkey.



If you've tested it to work in a browser not listed, create a pull request to become a contributor!

🕵️ Proxy Mode

Proxy API Mode (disabled by default) returns text responses using GPT-4, without the need for a account.

When disabled, a ChatGPT account is required to fetch responses, but they are faster stream-type ones (like in demo).

If OpenAI API is acting unreliable, enable Proxy Mode like this:

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📣 Social links

🧠 Contributors

This app exists thanks to code, translations, issues & ideas from the following contributors:

Consider giving this project a ⭐ if it helped you!

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