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What is it?

Passwords is a Python library with a standard and simple interface to cryptographic hashing functions for passwords. It uses a bundled PBKDF2 to give it no external dependancies. Credit goes to Armin Ronacher for the algorithm implementation

The strings generated contain all the information to recreate the hash from the original password. The algorithm used, the cost factor, the salt and the resulting password hash.


This is an attempt to make it easier for developers to find and use a cryptographic library suitable for password storage.


import passwords

password = "god"

password_hash = passwords.crypt(password)
# '$pbkdf2-256-1$8$ndzIsQl2gH4R46d7BCzkWA1K909904c2fe5c48ea1b0bf64caf35663987e871628c5cdbfb'
passwords.verify(password, password_hash) # True
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