Punkjs is a Chrome extension that allows you to load local Javascript files into web pages.
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Punk is the English phonetic spelling of the Irish word for dot, "ponc". I wanted to call this "Poncjs", but I also didn't want it to be difficult to search for.

Punkjs is a Chrome extension that allows you to load local Javascript files into web pages based on the filename. It can load them from a directory of your choosing (like ~/.js) into web pages that match the domain, like google.com.js on www.google.com.

It is the spiritual successor to dotjs, which is no longer maintained.

Extensions have security restrictions that stop them reading from the filesystem, so you'll also need to install the Punkjs Bridge App.

How to Use

  • Install the extension.
  • Install the app.
  • Create your ~/.js directory.
  • Configure the directory by launching the app.
  • Hack on some js.

How it Works

The Punkjs extension and Punkjs Bridge app use the Chrome runtime messaging API for communicating.

Whenever you navigate to a webpage the extension will tell the bridge what domain the page is on. The bridge will try to find matching files, starting with the TLD and working down through the levels (com.js, google.com.js, mail.google.com.js, etc.). The extension then runs the returned Javascript in the context of the page.

You can also define a default.js file which will run on every page load, which can be useful for things like loading jQuery.


  • Mac, Windows or Linux
  • Google Chrome.