Procedurally generated trees and Ball-BSplines
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Procedural trees and some algorithms that are required to create, modify and display them. The current implementation generates trees directly within Unity. Sample projects demonstrate the use of individual modules and algorithms and provide examplary visualization and test methods.

Currently, there are

  • an implementation of general Ball-B-splines for the representation of a tree skeleton [Ao, Xuefeng, Zhongke Wu, and Mingquan Zhou. "Real time animation of trees based on BBSC in computer games." International Journal of Computer Games Technology 2009 (2009): 5]
  • Guiding vector trees [Xu, L., & Mould, D. (2015, October). Procedural tree modeling with guiding vectors. In Computer Graphics Forum (Vol. 34, No. 7, pp. 47-56).]

This source code accompanies a blog @