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Set up

  • Install Net::Twitter::Lite and Net::OAuth perl modules.

     # apt-get install libnet-twitter-lite-perl
     # apt-get install libnet-oauth-perl
  • Get following information from @moritapo

    • Consumer key
    • Consumer secret
    • Access token
    • Access token secret

    Now you can retweet the latest mikansp weight with the following command:

     $ ./ 'consumer key' 'consumer secret' 'access token' 'access token secret'


Automate retweets

  • Create /etc/cron.hourly/rt-mweight with permission 755

    /installed/path/ 'consumer key' 'consumer secret' 'access token' 'access token secret'

TODO items

  • Read the next timeline if we cannot find the latest mweight in the first page.
  • Avoid having secret tokens as plain text.
  • Daemonize
  • Implement more interesting features rather than simple retweeting.

  • You need some default browser (like w3m, Safari, etc.), Python and virtualenv.
 $ sudo aptitude install python-virtualenv
  • Deflate the file

  • do the follwoing sequence:

 $ virtialenv .
 $ source bin/activate
 $ pip install twitter
 $ python
  • Then your default browser starts and authorize mikanspweight

  • Copy the PIN code

  • Paste to the command line

  • Enjoy the timeline from streaming of @mikansp.