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Kuflex extension for openFrameworks
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Kuflex extension for openFrameworks.

It contains classes and functions for rendering, image analysis and working with files, which we are using in Kuflex projects.

  • Modules are relatively independent.
  • Module ofxKuRasterOpenCV requires ofxOpenCv addon to work - if you don't need it, kust not include in your project.
  • ofxKuFileTime::isNewerThan function implementation doesn't works in oF >= 0.9.0, te simplest workaround is change it to return always 'true'.


  • ofxKuRectRender class for fast rendering rectangles
  • ofxKuLineRender class for fast rendering lines
  • ofxKuVertexRender class for fast rendering points
  • ofxKuDrawTextureFit(ofTexture &tex, float x, float y, float w, float h) function in ofxKuDrawUtils for fitting texture in rectangle
  • ofxKuDrawRaster draws raster array

Image processing

  • ofxKuRaster.h - include it for accessing all image processing functions
  • ofxKuRasterArithmetics - add, subtract, multiply, divide, threshold, find mask for range values, count number of pixels in range, project on axes, histogram for raster arrays
  • ofxKuRasterBlur_int, ofxKuRasterBlur_float - box blur for raster arrays
  • ofxKuRasterInterpolate - interpolation of raster arrays, including ofPoint rasters
  • ofxKuRasterMorphology - dilatation and erosion, contour detection
  • ofxKuRasterResize_nearest - resize raster arrays
  • ofxKuFloodFill function which do flood fill in array, removing small blobs
  • ofxKuRasterOpenCV - gaussian smoothing, convex hull, implemented with OpenCV. Requires ofxOpenCv addon.


  • ofxKuMathStat - compute median value of the vector


  • ofxKuValueCheckChange - checks if value was changed
  • ofxKuSlowBit - bit, controllable changing it state


  • ofxKuPreset - presets maintaining system

Utilities for files

  • ofxKuBufferRecorder class for recording/replaying data buffers, such as kinect data
  • ofxKuFile - write and read text files as vector of strings
  • ofxKuFileTime::isNewerThan(string fileName1, string fileName2) function which compares file creation times
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