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An Kuflex's openFrameworks addon for the Kinect V2 sensor.

We made this addon to have addon tuned for our (Kuflex) purposes:

  • Easy install and work in Windows, openFrameworks 0.9.x, Visual Studio 2015
  • Allows to get point cloud
  • Uses OpenGL based decoding by default
  • Supports multiple kinects.



  • Requires a USB 3 port on machine.

Install driver for Kinect V2 (in Windows)

Our primary goal it to flawlessly use Kinect V2 in Windows. So we explain in details how to install driver in Windows. This instructions are adopted from the guide at, please consult it for more details on other OS, as well as original addon's instructions

For using a Kinect using this addon in Windows, you need set up the appropriate driver for each Kinect device by follow this steps

  1. Plug-in Kinect V2.
  2. Run zadig-2.3.exe (located in install_win folder)
  3. Check menu's checkbox Options -> List All Devices
  4. Uncheck menu's checkbox Options -> Ignore Hubs or Composite Parents
  5. Select in main window's list of USB devices "Xbox NUI Sensor (Composite Parent)"
  6. Select in the list above "Install Driver / Replace Driver" driver "libusbK (v."
  7. Click the button "Replace Driver / Install Driver". (Sometimes we need to do it twice, at first Install the Replace)

This steps set up libusbK driver for plugged Kinect V2 device.

You need to repeat them for each connected device to work with addon.

That's all, now you could use addon and apps made using it.

Using addon (Windows)

  1. Create a new project using Project Generator.
  2. Copy a file from 'copy_to_bin' folder to 'bin' folder of your project.
  3. Open the project in Visual Studio IDE, and change "Debug" to "Release", "Win32" to "x64" compiling options.

Enjoy. For any questions contact us:


  • FIX RGB decoder - now it works erroneously, so addon works only for point clouds.
  • Implement RGB - Depth registration (i.e. geometrical synchronization)
  • Output IR image
  • Optionally colorize point cloud


An addon for the new Kinect For Windows V2 sensor.






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