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openFrameworks addon for sending arrays over network. It's based on ofxNetwork core addon.
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ofxKuNetwork - openFrameworks addon for sending arrays over network

It's based on ofxNetwork core addon and uses TCP for transmission.

It supports int, float, vector, vector, ofPixels values.


Download and unzip as ofxKuNetwork to addons folder of your openFrameworks installation.

Addon works in openFrameworks 0.9.3, OSX/Windows/Linux.

For working with openFrameworks 0.7.4 - see addon's branch dedicated to 0.7.4. Also, you need to add the following lines to public: declarations of ofxNetwork addon's files:

  • ofxTCPClient.h: ofxTCPManager &TCPClientRef() { return TCPClient; } //Added by Kuflex
  • ofxTCPServer.h: ofxTCPManager &TCPServerRef() { return TCPServer; } //Added by Kuflex


Please, see example example-basic included in addon.

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