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#ofxKuZed Addon for working with StereoLab ZED camera in openFrameworks.

Addon videos:

ZED camera is a passive stereo camera, allowing to obtain depth data on sunlight at distance 20 meters.

##Addon's features

  • It wraps all basic camera settings such as resolution, fps and depth computing quality
  • It provides CPU-access to:
    • left and right rectified RGB images (as ofPixels, ofTexture)
    • depth data in millimeters (as ofFloatPixels, ofPixels, ofTexture)
    • point cloud with colors (as vectors of ofPoint and ofColor)
  • It uses "lazy" updating of all pixel arrays and textures: they are updated only by request to save CPU resources.
  • It includes an example '''zedExample''', demonstrating work with RGB and depth images, and point cloud from camera.


##Compiled example Binaries of the compiled example are here:

(Windows, Visual Studio 2015 Community C++, openFrameworks 0.9.3)

##Simple usage:

In ofApp.h:

	#include "ofxKuZed.h"
	class ofApp {
		ofxKuZed zed;

In ofApp.cpp:

ofApp::setup() {
		//see zed.set... functions for more settings

	void ofApp::update() {
		//ofPixels &left = zed.getLeftPixels();	//access to left image colors
		//ofFloatPixels &depth_mm = zed.getDepthPixels_mm(); //access to depth
		//vector<ofPoint> &points = zed.getPointCloud();	//access to point cloud

	void ofApp::draw()	{
		float W = ofGetWidth();
		float H = ofGetHeight();
		//zed.drawLeft(0, 0);	//draw left color image, it's synced with depth image
		zed.drawDepth(0, H / 2, W / 2, H / 2, 0, 5000);	//0 and 5000 - depth range to draw as white and black

		//To draw point cloud: 
		//Define "ofEasyCam easyCam" in ofApp class

##Advanced usage

See an example '''zedExample''' distributed with addon, and '''ofxKuZed.h''' file.

##Requirements Currently addon is tested on Windows 10.

To compile the addon's example you need:

  • Windows

  • Installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community C++

  • openFrameworks 0.9.3

  • Installed Cuda 7.5 (and NVidia videocard)

    If you are using another CUDA:

     Write proper path in parameter <CUDA_DIR> in file '''zedExample.vcxproj'''
  • Installed ZED SDK (example project is configured for '''ZED_SDK_WinSetup_v1.0.0c.exe''')

    If you are using older ZED SDK, you need:

     Write proper path in <ZED_SDK_DIR> in file''' zedExample.vcxproj''',
     Adjust project's properties to valid paths and libs names in the following settings:
     - C/C++ - General - Additional include directories
     - Linker - General - Additional library directories
     - Linker - Input - Additional dependencies

To run the example you need:

  • ZED camera
  • USB 3.0 is preferrable (camera works with USB 2.0 too, but slower)

##Credits The addon is based on

Addon is written by Kuflex lab,


  • Port to Linux
  • Implement settings for RGB images (brightness, contrast)
  • Implement masking using GPU
  • Implement recording/playing SVO


Addon for working with StereoLab ZED camera in openFrameworks, including color, depth and point cloud grabbing and drawing






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