Addon for working with StereoLab ZED camera in openFrameworks, including color, depth and point cloud grabbing and drawing
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Addon for working with StereoLab ZED camera in openFrameworks.

Addon videos:

ZED camera is a passive stereo camera, allowing to obtain depth data on sunlight at distance 20 meters.

Addon's features

  • It wraps all basic camera settings such as resolution, fps and depth computing quality
  • It provides CPU-access to:
    • left and right rectified RGB images (as ofPixels, ofTexture)
    • depth data in millimeters (as ofFloatPixels, ofPixels, ofTexture)
    • point cloud with colors (as vectors of ofPoint and ofColor)
  • It uses "lazy" updating of all pixel arrays and textures: they are updated only by request to save CPU resources.
  • It includes an example '''zedExample''', demonstrating work with RGB and depth images, and point cloud from camera.


Compiled example

Binaries of the compiled example are here:

(Windows, Visual Studio 2015 Community C++, openFrameworks 0.9.3)

Simple usage:

In ofApp.h:

    #include "ofxKuZed.h"
    class ofApp {
        ofxKuZed zed;

In ofApp.cpp:

ofApp::setup() {
        //see zed.set... functions for more settings

    void ofApp::update() {
        //ofPixels &left = zed.getLeftPixels(); //access to left image colors
        //ofFloatPixels &depth_mm = zed.getDepthPixels_mm(); //access to depth
        //vector<ofPoint> &points = zed.getPointCloud();    //access to point cloud

    void ofApp::draw()  {
        float W = ofGetWidth();
        float H = ofGetHeight();
        //zed.drawLeft(0, 0);   //draw left color image, it's synced with depth image
        zed.drawDepth(0, H / 2, W / 2, H / 2, 0, 5000); //0 and 5000 - depth range to draw as white and black

        //To draw point cloud: 
        //Define "ofEasyCam easyCam" in ofApp class

Advanced usage

See an example '''zedExample''' distributed with addon, and '''ofxKuZed.h''' file.


Currently addon is tested on Windows 10.

To compile the addon's example you need:

  • Windows
  • Installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community C++
  • openFrameworks 0.9.3

  • Installed Cuda 7.5 (and NVidia videocard)

    If you are using another CUDA:

    Write proper path in parameter in file '''zedExample.vcxproj'''

  • Installed ZED SDK (example project is configured for '''ZED_SDK_WinSetup_v1.0.0c.exe''')

    If you are using older ZED SDK, you need:

    Write proper path in in file''' zedExample.vcxproj''',

    Adjust project's properties to valid paths and libs names in the following settings:

    • C/C++ - General - Additional include directories
    • Linker - General - Additional library directories
    • Linker - Input - Additional dependencies

To run the example you need:

  • ZED camera
  • USB 3.0 is preferrable (camera works with USB 2.0 too, but slower)


The addon is based on

Addon is written by Kuflex lab,


  • Port to Linux
  • Implement settings for RGB images (brightness, contrast)
  • Implement masking using GPU
  • Implement recording/playing SVO