Guard for rails_best_practices, a code metric tool to check the quality of rails code.
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Guard - Rails Best Practices Build Status Code Climate

BDD your Rails Best Practices checklist alongside your specs with Guard.

By adding your own checklists, this can be a great way to enforce those code style documents that everyone on your team has forgotten!


In your Rails 3.0+ application, add the guard, rails_best_practices, and guard-rails_best_practices gems to your Gemfile:

group :development do
  gem 'rails_best_practices'
  gem 'guard'
  gem 'guard-rails_best_practices'

Add guard definitions to your Guardfile by running:

guard init rails_best_practices

Guard will now inform you of Rails Best Practices warnings.


These options are available (with the following defaults).

Rails best practices options

:vendor         => true   # Include vendor/
:spec           => true   # Include spec/
:test           => true   # Include test/
:features       => true   # Include features/
:without_color  => false  # Only output plain text without color
:silent         => false  # Silent mode

:format                   # Output format
:with_textmate  => false  # Open file by textmate in html format
:with_mvim      => false  # Open file by mvim in html format
:with_hg        => false  # Display hg commit and username, only support html format
:with_git       => false  # Display git commit and username, only support html format

:exclude                  # Don't analyze files matching a pattern (comma-separated regexp list)
:only                     # analyze files only matching a pattern (comma-separated regexp list)

Guard options

:run_at_start  => true  # Run checklist when guard starts
:notify        => false # Send notifications to Growl/lib-notify

See for details.

It is recommended that you run rails_best_practices -g to generate a rails_best_practices.yml file for your application, so you can tune the checklists to your own unique tastes.

You can also extend rails_best_practices by writing your own checklists .


Logan Koester