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$mtFont: bold 13px/1em sans-serif
$mtBackground: beige
$mtColor: black
$mtTextShadow: 1px 1px 0 white
$mtBoxShadow: 1px 1px 0 #333
$mtOpacity: .75
@mixin transition($styles)
-webkit-transition: $styles
-moz-transition: $styles
-o-transition: $styles
-ms-transition: $styles
transition: $styles
@mixin transform($styles)
-webkit-transform: $styles
-moz-transform: $styles
-o-transform: $styles
-ms-transform: $styles
transform: $styles
position: relative
display: block
float: right
position: absolute
top: -4px
right: -4px
z-index: 999
font: $mtFont
text-decoration: none
text-indent: 0
text-align: center
vertical-align: center
margin: 0
padding: 0.3ex 0.7ex
background: $mtBackground
color: $mtColor
text-shadow: $mtTextShadow
box-shadow: $mtBoxShadow
border-radius: 5px
border: 1px solid #888
opacity: $mtOpacity
@include transition(all .15s linear)
background: white
opacity: $mtOpacity + 0.25
@include transform(scale(1.25))
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