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version 3.10 / 2017.06.07
Fixed: core dump when input started with empty line(s)
Fixed: option -x- (no xoptions file for extra options)
version 3.9 - 2017.03.24
Fixed bug in fst.cpp: write output before freeing contextualRules.
version 3.8 - 2017.02.13
Option -x- suppresses the use of the 'xoptions' file. (Use -x- together with
-p and -n options.)
version 3.7 - 2016.11.09
Enlarged scope of tag_hash.
Start of changelog.
There have been several versions of taggerXML before this changelog was
taggerXML is based on Eric Brill's part of speech tagger. The original C-code
is changed to C++ code and made platform-agnostic. (The original code was for
UNIX platforms only.)
In this version a number of improvements have been made. Janez Brank suggested
a number of improvements to get rid of memory leaks. These have all been
The program could crash if the last line of text input (one sentence-per-line)
didn't end with whitespace. This is solved.
The program was not stable if #define STREAM 1 (in defines.h). This is solved.
A lot of commented code and useless comments were removed. There is still a
lot left.