Octopress Theme for k-ui.jp
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Octopress Theme for k-ui.jp


$ cd octopress-home/.theme
$ git clone git://github.com/kui/k-ui-octopress-theme.git kui
$ cd ..
$ rake install["kui"]
$ rake generate

Optional Functions

extra functions to the original theme.

_config.yml.example may be of sume help.

tunbr photos

you can add recent tumblr posts.

add "asides/tumblr_photos.html" to default_asides of _config.yml as belows and configurations about tumbr_post.html.

default_asides: [ asides/tumblr.html, ... ]
tumblr_user: daftbeats # your domain (daftbeats.tumblr.com -> daftbeats)
tumblr_post_num: 5

github api v3

you can specify a item for sorting repository links, the sort direction and a repository type to be listed.

add list-user-repositories params to your _config.yml

# github api v3 params
# see http://developer.github.com/v3/repos/#list-user-repositories
github_type: all
github_sort: updated
github_direction: desc