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Code for the blog post about custom decryption and Spring Cloud Config Server
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Custom Decryption and Spring Cloud Config Server

This code example shows how to facilitate custom decryption of passwords in client applications of a Spring Cloud Config Server.

This project has been split into three subprojects:

  • the client application: requests its configuration from the configuration server and includes the decryption library to decrypt encrypted properties
  • the configuration server: exposes the configuration for the client application. Doesn't decrypt encrypted values.
  • the decryption library: contains the encryption/decryption algorithm and required setup to do autconfiguration in the client

For a more thorough explanation read the blog post at

To run this code

  1. Execute mvn clean install in the root project.
  2. Run java -jar custompasswordconfigserver\target\custom-password-config-server-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to start the server
  3. Run java -jar custompasswordclientapplication\target\custom-password-clientapplication-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --bldn.encryption=reversable to start the client
  4. Visit http://localhost:48081/test to see the decrypted password
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