Language translations for the Statamic Control Panel
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Statamic i18n (Internationalization)

Language translation files for the Statamic control panel.

The next version of Statamic will support fully translated control panels, starting with Western left-to-right character sets, and more complex (and right-to-left) languages in the future.


We're looking to the community to help get some of these translations going. Feel free to fork, edit, and send pull requests with new languages, fixes, updates, and corrections to any language file.

Alternately (or if you're not Github savvy), you can email translations and/or corrections to

We've included a template.yaml file with all the fields emptied out and ready for your multi-lingual mastery!

Complete Translations

  • English (original)
  • German (formal)
  • German (informal)
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Partial Translations

  • French