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Kukai can be run in the browser at or as a standalone app.


Kukai is built using Angular 5 and Electron

Install dependencies:

npm install

Package for deployment:

npm run package-electron-all

Run during development:

ng serve --open


Wallet needs Node v10 and has been built with Angular 5.2.5 and Angular Cli 1.6.8

  1. Download and install LTS version
  2. Upgrade npm: npm install -g npm
  3. To have a global installation for Angular Cli use the following commands: npm i -g @angular/cli@1.6.8
  4. Rebuild node-sass: npm rebuild node-sass
  5. Modify crypto from crypto: 'empty' to crypto: true in \node_modules@angular\cli\models\webpack-configs\browser.js - line 104