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This is forked version of Anahita. For general information see the original. The following information focuses on differences between the versions.


In order to use this fork instead of original Anahita, utilize Loading a package from VCS repository method, i.e. make composer.json of your anahita application to be:

    "name" : "anahita/project",
    "type" : "project",
    "license": "GPL-3.0",
    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "php": ">=5.3.3",
        "anahita/anahita": "dev-master"
    "minimum-stability": "dev"


The chengelog lists fixes and updates which are not present in the original Anahita. If a patch finds its way upstream or a similar one intorduced there, the log entry is striked out. There is strong correlation with commit history, so it is recommended to look into corresponding commit comments for additional details regarding introduced changes.

Since this fork among other things strives to introduce consistent coding style, especially whitespace policy, commit patches may show significant changes between original and updated versions, though in reality only a couple lines are actually modified, the rest are just whitespace changes. Thus it is advised to use advanced difftool, e.g. KDiff3, for analyzing changes.

  • update LibApplicationRouter to fallback to com_html if first part in URL path does not match any enabled component 64ba210
  • update ComMailerControllerBehaviorMailer::mail() to support reply config option to set Reply-To mail header 29f574d
  • update javascript compilation in debug mode, introduce minified versions of js which are automatically used for production, i.e. when debugging is turned off in admin area, it is expected for each module to have compiled and minified versions, update script include pattern, in other words, js and css compilation and include logic is very similar now 7abc052
  • update *.less compilation and introduce minified versions of css which are automatically used for production, i.e. when debugging is turned off in admin area 55b9250
  • fix javascript @depends custom directive which includes external files a8f0a98
  • fix value quoting for database queries when a string can be interprited as number in scientific notation b4676f7
  • fix default canAdd rule defined in medium only to allow adding entities to logged-in users since medium entites are ownable and cannot belong to guest 2999909
  • fix Remove and Confirm javascript data-triggers to use URL defined in the tag dca9ac5
  • fix to have delete permission fallback rule defined in abstract medium controller so controllers also use delete permission defined in corresponding domain a00b713
  • fix delete cascading defined in entity relationships 49bb7e0
  • fix dispatching logic for format=pdf to properly resolve into corresponding view type if defined 5d51b6a
  • fix LibBaseControllerPermissionAbstract to properly call overwritten canGet, canBrowse etc. methods 7daaf0e
  • fix LibBaseDomainBehaviorLocatable not to uppend legacy 'index.php?' part into composed route url 4ff36e2
  • fix LibBaseDomainBehaviorDictionariable::setValue() to chain properly 72cca26
  • update dispatcher logic to support HEAD request 9583d08
  • fix default controller so there is no attempt to apply 'leaders' filter if repository does not have 'ownable' behavior 5501c47
  • fix page title composition so it does not start from dash, happened on entity pages there were no entity title ab7d0e6
  • fix AnDomainEntityAbstract::setData() to respect access permission parameter both when an array of properties is specified and when a single one is updated eab615e
  • update javascript data-trigger handlers by adding a new one for showing confirmation messages 54b49fd
  • fix comment story/notification creation so component controllers could redefine ComStoriesControllerBehaviorPublisher::createStory() or ComNotificationsControllerBehaviorNotifier::createNotification() and disable story or notification publishing on some occasions by returning NULL b0a1295
  • (legacy) fix images paths in admin template 9330e83
  • update com_connect to store social profile meta information (name, username etc.) in database d9dcc05
  • fix com_connect package to compose proper profile_url for twitter by ComConnectOauthServiceTwitter 5b72c66
  • update search funcitonality to support unicode 6fca12b
  • fix LibBaseControllerBehaviorServiceable::getMethods() when called within behavior controller before protected _exclude_actions is initialized 8afd6ee
  • update template helper for rendering style @render('style') to support file parameter to be able to load style file other than style.css, backward compatibility preserved by assuming style.css by default 63149f3
  • fix twitter connect integration to throw application level error upon failure and having callback url value visible on module settings page in admin area 12abef0
  • update @html template helper to have support for datalist (html5 tag) 2d42bca, 57bd681
  • fix bug related autoredirect after login caused by rare occasions of base64 encoded string in return url paramter having special symbols (/ or +) 1a1a428
  • fix autofollow redirect by javascript Request object f1b3d1c
  • fix statusUpdateTime column update when status is changed with ComActorsDomainEntityActor::setStatus() b387c18
  • update template shortcuts <script src="" /> and <style src="" /> to support empty container tag notation, i.e. <script src=""></script> and <style src=""></style> respectively c9bcb44
  • update some entity properties to be more consistent with naming patterns used for the project: rename numOfComments, openToComment, numOfTodolists, numOfTodos, numOfOpenTodos to commentCount, commentStatus, todolistCount, todoCount, openTodoCount respectively (old names are preserved as aliases for backward compatibility) 03d1a65, 105c2ee
  • update story publishing logic to have avatar_edit and actor_follow stories appear only once for the same combination of story owner and target 9b4ef15, a39aa98
  • remove no longer relevant firefox image border-radius fix 45e2e80
  • (legacy) add support for readonly parameters in joomla component configs e66edd9
  • update translation system to have JText::nsprintf(), @textf(), @ntextf() shortcuts for formatted translation strings and use them throughout the codebase where applicable 8cce3b3
  • fix html on edit profile page for input tags not having unnecessary cols and rows attributes 92dfa84
  • fix html syntax error (container button tag is closed in its opening part) a265126
  • fix login for blocked user to display a message in login form instead of returning 404 Permission Denied page 6d6b689
  • fix AnDomainAttributeJson::serialize() so nested objects are properly serialized, affects any dictionariable entity which stores structures as meta data c0bae52
  • fix 'read more' feature for text.truncate template helper making ids generated with subsequent uniqid() calls reliably unique bde5a33
  • remove no logner used joomla legacy *.xml configs 9d67dcf
  • fix AnDomainEntitysetDefault::reset() to properly reset loaded status to false; add AnDomainEntitysetDefault::each() method mainly targeted for iterating through large sets without pulling them into memory entirely 22140f2, 467bf66
  • fix KDate::format() to support %l and %e formatting paramters on Windows as well 6a52ac7
  • fix entityset decorators 80ff6bb
    • make AnObjectDecorator::count() method deligate parameters to decorated class;
    • deprecate AnDomainEntitysetAbstract::isLoaded() in favor of AnDomainEntitysetAbstract::loaded() for it not to be masked by decorators trying to match it to behavior check;
    • fix is... calls to properly check for underlying repository to have corresponding behavior;
  • (legacy) fix some legacy joomla admin components (users, menus, templates) not to have duplicated index.php in URLs 1f6bdad
  • fix LibApplicationRouter::build() to construct base url, i.e. when empty string is submitted as argument, WITHOUT index.php part (applies only when enable_rewrite application config is enabled) 4781d13, e9d335e
  • fix notification button on profile when viewer is not following viewed actor, since notifications cannot be managed, hide the button in such case fd7aa0a
  • fix strict standards notifications, fix method declarations in child classes to comply with php 5.4+ strict standards restrictions (though there is constant effort to get rid of joomla legacy, anahita codebase still strongly relies on it and seems to continue be that way for some time, thus in order to efficienly develop in php 5.4+ strict standards notifications are taken care of) cc4c11a, 5ba8798, a150b65, 93621b7, 498bffb, 95245bd, e9671e6, fd98a41, 128f8dc, a17dfa3, 5bc22aa, e27ed7a, 9bc90a4, 7df4620
  • fix KConfig::append() so it supports mixed key types in parameter, i.e. checks key type for each element instead of deciding on key type by the first one 48a627c
  • fix internal helper method AnHelperArray::getValueAtIndex() 6e209f7
  • fix com_pages revisions: make their listing, add and edit pages show 404 error instead of empty page or 500 error 7352d26, 2b1c767
  • fix PlgStorageAbstract::_write() by removing $public parameter which makes no sence and thus unused 83693a4
  • discard anahitasocial/anahita@35b8e8d and anahitasocial/anahita@d9a68c5: anahita+ supports note browsing introduced by earlier update 74fd14b, so mentioned anahita commits are irrelevant
  • update notes component to support browse operation, i.e. now it is possible to navigate notes not only from stories feed but with dedicated listing (listing URL is http://DOMAIN/notes) 74fd14b
  • fix stories view for its toolbar to reflect filter=leaders selection as other componets do 7dc27fe
  • fix @paginator() template helper to read limit parameter from supplied entityset instead of assigning default value of (20) twenty 7a49a31
  • fix portraitable behavior to prevent it from generating the same filename for different attachments of the same user handled within same second a2b3ef8
  • fix fileable behavior so it doesn't rely on obsolete database columns, fix mime_type() helper function (replacement for depricated standard mime_content_type()) f109fbd
  • fix localization in admin area by passing page titles through translation function allowing them to be translated c99f8f5
  • fix ComPeopleDomainEntityPerson domain to prevent it from allowing any user pontentially gaining admin access for site application b44eb70
  • update notifier behavior to have method for sending notification to administrators 1d6ad19
  • discard anahitasocial/anahita@d34578f: not constructive, anahita+ intends to keep listings of public items for guest users instead of completely restricting access to them as original anahita suggests
  • fix enableable behavior 273b93e, bd6616f
  • fix profile page javascript error appearing on stream switch when there are no component specific composer form defined 4d163f9
  • fix query building logic to properly recognize relationship aliases 0f20b3e, i.e. make work
$query = KService::get('com:base.domain.entity.subscription')->getRepository()->getQuery();
$query->order('', 'asc'); // without fix such sorting would not be possible due to relationship alias not being recognized
$result = $query->fetchSet();
  • fix admin area to have proper com://site/application.router initialized when requested, i.e. make its base_url correspond to site application 291ec48
  • fix admin area to load vendor (aka managed by composer) packages 9b20178
  • update admin area theme to remove excessive branding b0ef7b0
  • fix default sorting direction applied in browse actions of entity controllers when only sorting field is defined (caused by typo) 5ca6285
  • fix redirection logic for edit form to redirect back to entity view by default 60a8d6a
  • update language trnaslation system to support plural forms 4d619fc, e984637; also see Translation in project wiki
  • make subject for notification entity an optional field allowing anonymous notifications issued by the system d9a0d8a
  • fix url construction logic misbihaving in some contexts 8591bca, d6a6129
  • fix notification sending process not being able to work when called from under admin application 3deb292
  • fix close buttons for default styled javascript modal windows e3a3caa
  • update InfinitScroll by removing not properly working batchSize option from javascript Paginator preventing it from loading several pages in background even though user never intented to scroll 3a54189
  • make dictionariable behavior not to store null values in database 0226f71
  • fix delete cascading defined in entity relationships 820fa07
  • fix formatting date function not to modify input date 031d328
  • fix timezone setting not storing non-integer time shift properly 56525e6
  • fix validate-remote custom javascript input form field validator 66f8917


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