Example Sinatra App for creating short urls
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  • mysql/postgres database [Only postgres has been tested but should work in either]

  • sinatra gem

  • sinatra-activerecord gem

  • base58 gem


gem install sinatra
gem install sinatra-activerecord
gem install base58

git clone git://github.com/kule/sinatra-url-shortener.git
cd sinatra-url-shortener

Modify settings.rb to match your database. The default is “url_shortener_development”.

rake db:migrate
ruby url_shortener.rb


This is a very basic example app using Sinatra which I used to see how it all works. It allows you to submit a url, it will return a shortened version of it, any time that url is used the referrer is logged to the database.

The default setup uses basic auth for posting urls and the admin pages.

Login: admin Password: secret

You can change these settings.rb or remove them entirely by removing the login_required lines in url_shortener.rb

Goto /admin to see all the links you've created

Tests are in rspec

spec spec/url_shortener_spec.rb


There is a config.ru file, a .gems file and the production settings are ready to be used for heroku so you should be good to go if you wanted to deploy to heroku. I wouldn't recommend going live without some changes though :)


  • At time of writing (12th Apr 2010) the sinatra-authorization gem doesn't work with Sinatra 1.0 (fixed and pull request sent, see kule/sinatra-authorization). In the meantime I've created a copy in lib/authorization.rb.

  • Admin pages require pagination

  • Make Basic Auth optional


Copyright © 2010 Luke Pearce. See LICENSE for details.