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Support for Chiliproject #45

EspadaV8 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Is it possible to update this plugin so that it also supports ChiliProject as well?

Not sure how much effort this would involve but since it's a fork of Redmine would it be something that a non-rubist would be able to do?

ChiliProject also has 'subtasks' that I'm not sure Redmine has. Would it be possible to use these as well/instead of using 'follows' and 'precedes'?


I just tried installing ChilliProject, and it looks like it is fully compatible with the plugin. The only thing you need to do is manually remove Gemfile file from the plugin folder, because it has some conflicting requirements with ChilliProject gems. I'll look how to fix these conflicting dependencies.

Parent tasks and subtasks are supported, but it is not a replacement for follows and precedes relations. Parent tasks can follow or precede other tasks as well.

Let me know if you have any problems installing or using the plugin with ChilliProjects.


why not push you development into the core base ?
Your plugin is a "must have".


it's a good call. I'll find out how to get this merged into the core Redmine. Btw, it looks it is easier to contribute to ChilliProject than to Redmine, because Redmine is still accepting contributions only as svn-patches. And in any case I need to imporve code documenation and test coverage first.


Sorry, I completely missed earlier replies to this ticket.

@kulesa I've not had chance to look at the plugin again since I posted the issue. I think it might be to do with using subtasks instead of follows/precedes.

I now have a test server set up that I'll install the plugin on and see if I can get more details about what I was expecting and what I'm seeing.

As for getting it included in to the core, that would be great. I'd agree that ChilliProject is easier to get patches included, the people that I've been in touch with have been very friendly and helpful :)

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