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Hi I'm experiencing similar problems as someone1. Readmine 1.3.1 and plugin 0.6.5. Work on weekends disabled.

We're gearing up to use Redmine for not just bug tracking but also for project planning and scheduling. Unfortunately this is a show stopper, as we need auto rescheduling to work reliably so that we can manipulate the schedule during the course of one of our big projects. We don't want to have to work on weekends :)

The following scenarios I can replicate:

  1. Changes start date from Monday to previous Saturday when adding follows to task ending on previous Friday
    Create two tasks:
    Task 1 start and end on a Friday
    Task 2 start on following Monday end on Thursday
    Create follows from Task 2 to Task 1.
    Task 2 start date is now on Saturday
    Now extend Task 1 to end on Monday. Task 2 now ends on the following Tuesday. As the start date is on a weekend, I guess it has assumed that for this task, the weekend is included in work days?

  2. Task changes length when being rescheduled
    Create tasks as in 1) above.
    Correct the start date of Task 2 to Monday.
    Create a third task on the Friday following the end of Task 2.
    Edit Task 3 to follow Task 2.
    Now extend Task 1 to end on Monday.
    Task 2 now ends on Friday as expected.
    Task 3 now starts on the following Monday as expected, but the end date is now Wednesday. It has changed duration from one day to three.

  3. For longer chains the end tasks change duration in a similar fashion to 2).

  4. When importing using the Importer with follows configured, similar changes to task duration happen.

bdcget commented Jan 23, 2013

Duplicated case 1 and saw the start date of the second task change to Saturday and the end date not change. Before the follow task 1 was 1/4/2013 (m/d/yr) start and end, task 2 start 1/7/2013, end 1/10/2013. Using plugin 0.6.5, weekend work disabled.

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