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A Tool for Spreadsheet Inspection and Testing
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Spreadsheet Inspection Framework SIFCore

Build Status: Build Status

SIFCore is a RESTful web service implemented in Java 8 for checking spreadsheets against definable policy rules. It is meant to be used in combination with SIFEI which is a Microsoft Excel AddIn.

It was initially created by Sebastian Zitzelsberger and later extended by Manuel Lemcke, Ehssan Doust, Jonas Scheurich, Wolfgang Kraus, Sebastian Beck and Fabian Toth and reengineered by Frieder Schüler as part of diploma and bachelor theses. See the "Theses" section below for more details.


Spreadsheet Inspection Framework is avaible under the GNU General Public License Version 3. For details see file LICENSE.txt.


  • Java 8 JVM (tested on Linux and Windows 7,8, 10)
  • Internet connection (to fetch dependencies with gradle)


git clone



gradlew.bat build

Linux, MacOS

./gradlew build

Gradle will download all needed dependencies, build SIFCore and run all included tests. Be sure that you set JAVA_HOME environment variable to a valid JDK.



gradlew.bat run

Linux, MacOS

./gradlew run

Alternatively you can run the "build/libs/Spreadsheet-Inspection-Framework-all.jar" jar which contains all dependencies.

java -jar build/libs/SIF-experimental-all.jar

Development quickstart guide

You can find a development quickstart guide written in German in the "/doc" folder.


You can find the diploma and bachelor theses (all in German) connected to this project here:

Sebastian Zitzelsberger: Error Detection in Spreadsheets

Manuel Lemcke: Dynamic spreadsheet inspection

Ehssan Doust: Visualisation of Spreadsheet Errors

Jonas Scheurich: User Interface for a Spreadsheet Test Facility

Sebastian Beck: Spreadsheet Error Patterns

Wolfgang Kraus: Plausibility check of implicitely coupled spreadsheet data

Fabian Toth: Live inspection of spreadsheets during use (not available yet)

Frieder Schüler: Architecture analysis and re-engineering of an inspection environment for spreadsheets (not available yet)

Bugs and Suggestions

SIFCore and its Microsoft Excel integration component SIFEI use a combined Issue tracker which can be found here:

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