Access manager for couchdb (2.x) mapping oAuth roles to couchDB user management. It also supports temporary access
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CouchDB access manager

The problem

Say you have a couchDB installation with several databases and you want to give access to team members, maybe even for a limited time... but your user management is put into an IDP like keycloak. You don't want to give curl to your user management team, but you cannot plug keycloak directly into couch... and even then, you would still need to setup the roles.

So this access manager tries to make your life easier, creating some sensible defaults.

The security model translation

A main goal is that (as an admin)you can inspect what the access manager did via fauxton. You can also use the available user management screens to add/remove access.. the access manager will take those modifications into account.

The access manager does not use generic roles to grant access, but specific users.. this way you can directly see who currently has access in the fauxton permission view. So an admin is added to the admin list, a reader/writer to the members list.

A writer is a member that has an additional role. This means that we do not support writers that cannot read (which would not make that much sense anyway). So retracting or limiting the reader access, directly retracts the writer permission as well.


Activate security

When there is no _users database in your cluster, it creates it. For each database, when there is no _security document, it creates it

Keycloak authentication/roles

The user accessing the access manager will need to provide a valid access token. So if you disable the user in keycloak, he can no longer request access. Combined with the temporary access, you effectively get your users locked out of couchDB when you remove the roles from keycloak.

At the moment, 3 roles are defined :

  • couch_admin : allows a user to request admin access to a database
  • couch_reader : allows a user to request read access to a database
  • couch_writer : allows a user to request write access to a database

In combination with the couch_[admin/reader/writer]_dbs attribute, you can restrict on which databases a user can request access. It is a comma separated list of databases you will allow this kind of access to. If not present, the user can request access to all databases

Make sure to create a proper role mapping for the client so that this attribute is present in your access token!

Temporary access

Passwords are nice, but you do not always want to grant permanent access. Therefore the access manager keeps track of the access it grants, and revokes it when the duration expires.

The governing attribute is couch_[admin/reader/writer]_duration. This is the number of minutes the access will remain active. If not present, it defaults to 1440 (so 24 hours). If you want to disable expiration, set the attribute to -1

Make sure to create a proper role mapping for the client so that this attribute is present in your access token!

At the moment, there is no support for different expiration time per database

Read-only access

The access manager is capable of installing a validation document to effectively create a read-only access.


A Dockerfile is provided. The image does not require any volumes. You can specify the security config via environment variables.

Typical use :

docker run -d -e keycloak.realm = <your realm> \
              -e keycloak.auth-server-url = http://<your server>/auth \
              -e keycloak.credentials.secret = <your client secret> \
              -e<your couch server> \
              -e couch.port=<your couch port> \
              -e couch.userName=<your couch cluster admin> \
              -e couch.pwd=<your password> \
              -p <your port>:8081 kullervo16/couchdbaccessmanager:0.1