SmartSqlite is a C++11 wrapper around SQLite3.
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SmartSqlite is a C++11 wrapper around SQLite3. We call it "smart" because of the consistent use of smart pointers.

A copy of SQLite is shipped with this library, thanks Richard!

Build Status Build status

Get started

$ git clone --recursive
$ cmake .
$ make
$ ctest

Sample code:

#include <iostream>

#include <smartsqlite/connection.h>
#include <smartsqlite/row.h>

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    SmartSqlite::Connection conn(":memory:");
    conn.exec("CREATE TABLE temparatures "
              "(id INT, temperature FLOAT, city TEXT)");
    conn.exec("INSERT INTO temparatures "
              "VALUES (1, 2.1, 'Berlin')");
    conn.exec("INSERT INTO temparatures "
              "VALUES (2, 2.0, 'New York')");
    conn.exec("INSERT INTO temparatures "
              "VALUES (42, -1.8, 'Cape Town')");

    SmartSqlite::Statement stm = conn.prepare(
                "SELECT * FROM temparatures WHERE id >= :value");
    stm.bind(":value", 2);
    for (SmartSqlite::RowIterator itr = stm.begin(); itr != stm.end(); ++itr)
        int id = itr->get<int>("id");
        float temparature = itr->get<float>("temperature");
        std::string city = itr->get<std::string>("city");
        std::cout << "(" << id << ") " << city << ": " << temparature << std::endl;

    return 0;


SmartSqlite has a linear versioning and the API might break at any time.

Version SQLite version Changes in SmartSqlite
v17 3.16.2 -
v16 3.15.1 -
v15 3.14.2 -
v14 3.14.1 Rework botansqlite3 key handling
v13 3.13.0 Add a copy of botansqlite3 to the project
v12 3.13.0 Update build system: use libc++ with Linux+clang. Add sqlite3 shell binary to build.
v11 3.13.0 Add Connection::changes(); Add ScopedSavepoint
v10 3.13.0 Improve cmake configuration; Add OS X build to Travis
v9 3.12.1 NativeBinder: Correctly bind empty strings and blobs; NativeBinder: Copy pointer instead of referencing it in bindBlob(); Add SQL statement text to some exception messages
v8 3.12.0
v7 3.11.1
v6 3.11.0 Fix possible nullptr dereference in Blob
v5 3.10.2
v4 3.9.2 Update implementation of Connection
v3 3.9.2 Add version() and versionCode(); Rename checkVersion() to checkSqliteVersion()
v2 3.9.2 Replace factory functions makeConnection*() with string constructor
v1 3.9.2 Initial version

Compiler support

  • GCC 4.8+
  • Clang 3.4+
  • MSVC 2015+


Contibutions respecting the library's license are highly welcome via Github issues and pull requests.


This library is used by:

  • Kullo (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS)

Please add yourself to the list using PRs.


SmartSqlite is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (see NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt). The encryption module botansqlite3 is licensed under the Botan license, a 2-clause BSD license (see src/botansqlite3/LICENSE.txt). The SQLite3 shell uses the Linenoise library for line editing. It is licensed under 2-clause BSD (see src/linenoise/LICENSE).