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Simple, orthogonal 32-bit computer architecture and environment
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See for documentation.

tenyr aspires to be a complete 32-bit computing environment (simulated
architecture, operating system, compiler, utilities). It is very much a work
in progress. A preliminary assembler / disassembler (tas) and simulator (tsim)
exist, and the toycen compiler project from
will probably supply the compiler component when it can generate code at all.

The tenyr architecture and its simulator have the following features (which
may be construed as bugs) :

    * two's complement
        * true = -1, false = 0
    * 32-bit only (no 64-bit support planned)
        * memory space is 24 bit (but counted in words, so about 67 MB)
        * top 8 bits of memory addresses ignored (can be used by runtime)
    * 16 mostly-general-purpose registers named A - P
        * register A is always zero
        * register P is IP (instruction pointer)
            * can be read and written directly
            * points to next instruction
        * registers B-H caller-saved, registers I-O callee-saved by convention
    * no hardware stack support
    * no hardware floating-point whatsoever
    * no integer divide
    * fixed-width, 32-bit instructions
    * as few ways to do something as reasonably possible
    * single-core (no SMP, no NUMA, no hardware threads, no multicore)
    * word-addressed (no endianness)
    * all CPU configuration registers are memory-mapped

Darren Kulp

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