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An Agile Sinatra-based MVC app (skeleton)

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An Agile Sinatra-based MVC app

Want an agile MVC structured app in Sinatra?


  • sinatra (sudo gem install sinatra)


git clone firstapp

1) cd firstapp

2) rake gems:install

3) rake app:launch # Start app and Launch browser


3) rake app:run # Start app without browser 4) go to http://localhost:8080/

Create your own controllers, models, views in app/ directory

  • Controllers: app/controllers

  • Models: app/models

  • Views: app/views

To point the / to a particular controller, edit configs/routes.rb

Library dependencies as Template engines, Databases, etc.., edit configs/deps.rb

Serve static files (jquery, css, images, downloads), place static files in public/

Write your own extensions (helpers) in helpers/

Test your app in interactive shell, type: script/console

To Do

  • RESTful API emitters (JSON, XML, YAML, etc..)

  • script/generate like rails (creating controllers (full CRUD), models, views automatically)

  • gem package


1) sudo gem install shotgun

2) shotgun -O


1) sudo gem install unicorn

2) unicorn -C configs/unicorn.rb


  • Thin

1) rackup -s thin -p 8080

  • Mongrel

2) rackup -s mongrel -p 8080

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