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Finds images in a folder and turn them into a HTML5 desktop/mobile slideshow with swipe gestures
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Finds images in a folder and turn them into a HTML desktop/mobile slideshow with swipe gestures.


  • No setup required ! Just download the zip and add images to the img folder, and you're flying
  • Runs smooooooth on your desktop and mobile devices (looks awesome on iPads!)
  • Supports swipe gestures, keyboard and mouse input
  • All JavaScript, so no server needed

Quick start

Add numbered image files to the img folder like 01.jpg, 02.jpg etc. By default swipeviewer supports jpg extension, but you can easily change the format in the js file.

Images defaults to be 100% of windows width, so if you want to make a quick iPad slide show, make a couple of 1024x768px images.

Supported gestures

You can navigate the slideshow with the following keys:

  • Swipe left and right on your mobile device
  • Touch or click on the left/right edges of the screen
  • use <- and -> arrow keys on your keyboard
  • home button goes to first slide and end button goes to last slide
  • spacebar also takes you to the next slide
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