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The List

The List is a new kind of social knowledge aggregator made to solve the problems of other bookmarking and news sites like Hacker News, Digg, and Reddit. Unlike other social news websites, users' ability to post to The List is determined by an "influence rank" as opposed to the methodology of "post as much as you want" that's common on other social news websites. This system has many major pitfalls which together are often called the "tragedy of the commons". It describes a problem where many people with their own ideas can make something they all share much worse, even if no one intends to. By privatizing the social space and adding thresholds to the ability to submit to The List, the idea is to create a network who's quality of content doesn't decrease with the number of users on the network.


  • Q: Why are there no images on The List? A: The List is also aware of the tragedy of quick consumption. In other words, the problem that content that can be quickly read (or "consumed") and upvoted makes its way to the front page fastest. If The List displayed thumbnails of the sites they showed, we put quality content at risk if we can't find a thumbnail for it.

  • Q: How do I get onto The List? A: You need to receive some karma as a gift from another member.

  • Q: How much karma do I get for an upvote? A: You get 2 karma every time someone upvotes your post, and 1 karma every time someone upvotes your comment.

  • Q: What in my influence rank? A: Your influence rank is a private score attributed to you that we calculate from your web presence. Say you have a GitHub repository that's very popular or a Dribbble shot with many rebounds, it will raise your influence rank when you log into the website. Your influence rank is calculated as a percentage of the entire website's mass and can fluxuate over time as The List's userbase grows and shrinks. You must have an influence rank of over 50% in order to post to The List. Don't worry, you don't need to be a social media guru to have a high influence rank, and no users can see your exact influence rank.

  • Q: Why do things keep moving? What are the little icons next to posts on The List? A: The List is realtime, it uses AJAX to get new post content every few seconds and display it so while viewing a page, The List is always up-to-date! The little icons are the "trend" flags. They tell wether a post is on the rise or falling on The List.

  • Q: Where can I see statistics about The List? A: Check out this nifty page here:

  • Q: Wy does it say my post can't be submitted? A: We do semi-intelligent quality control to prevent submitting URLs that already exist in our database and submissions that are only images.

  • Q: Why does it cost karma to post? A: This is part of quality control. We incentivize submitting only quality content by privatizing The List as a resource. You can gain karma by posting things people like.

  • Q: What's with the comments? A: Part of the list is ensuring all content is quality, we think this should include commenting as well. We've taken cues from Branch in building our comment system so that conversations can flow as if you were sitting at a dinner table.