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An accordion-based wizard based on Bootstrap styles.

This wizard is implemented as a jQuery plugin. Include the appropriate CSS and javascript files in your HTML, and then activate the wizard by calling it, e.g.

$(window).load(function() {

For a demonstration and example usage, see here.

The plugin accepts options as a single object argument. Supported options are:

  • addButtons add next/prev buttons to panels (default: true)
  • sidebar selector for task sidebar (default: ".acc-wizard-sidebar")
  • activeClass class to indicate the active task in sidebar (default: "acc-wizard-active")
  • completedClass class to indicate task is complete (default: "acc-wizard-completed")
  • todoClass class to indicate task is still pending (default: "acc-wizard-todo")
  • stepClass class for step buttons within panels (default: "acc-wizard-step")
  • nextText text for next button (default: "Next Step")
  • backText text for back button (default: "Go Back")
  • nextType HTML input type for next button (default: "submit")
  • backType HTML input type for back button (default: "reset")
  • nextClasses class(es) for next button (default: "btn btn-primary")
  • backClasses class(es) for back button (default: "btn")
  • onNext function to call on next step
  • onBack function to call on back up
  • onInit a chance to hook initialization
  • onDestroy a chance to hook destruction