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PoW blockchain on Substrate
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Proof-of-work blockchain built on Substrate.


Kulupu is a sister project related to Solri. Kulupu's goal is to create a working proof-of-work blockchain built using unmodified Substrate blockchain framework. Compared with Solri, Kulupu aims to take a more practical approach of an on-chain governed self-updating blockchain, while Solri maintains the ideal minimalist blockchain design.

The consensus engine for Kulupu is the CPU mining algorithm RandomX. For initial launch, the emission rate is fixed at one coin per second. This, however can be changed using hard fork or on-chain governance in the future.

Network Launch

The network has launched, with the first hard fork, code-named Slag Ravine, happeneing at block 100,000. Please ensure you have updated your nodes to v0.2.0.

Substrate contains a variety of features including smart contracts and democracy. However, for current version of Kulupu, we only enabled basic balance and transfer module. This is to keep the network focused, and reduce risks in terms of stability and safety. Also note that initially the democracy module is also disabled, meaning we'll be updating runtime via hard fork until that part is enabled.


Clone this repo and update the submodules:

git clone
cd kulupu
git submodule update --init --recursive

Install Rust:

curl -sSf | sh

Install required tools:



Full Node

cargo run --release


Install subkey:

cargo install --force --git subkey

Generate an account to use as the target for mining:

subkey --sr25519 --network=16 generate

Remember the public key, and pass it to node for mining. For example:

cargo run --release -- --validator --author 0x7e946b7dd192307b4538d664ead95474062ac3738e04b5f3084998b76bc5122d

Proof of Work Parameters

  • Algorithm: RandomX
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Issurance: 1 KULU per second (60 KULU per block)
  • No premine


This project is a side project by Wei Tang, and is not endorsed by Parity Technologies.

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