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// Copyright 2013 The Walk Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package walk
import (
import (
type Key uint16
func (k Key) String() string {
return key2string[k]
const (
KeyLButton Key = win.VK_LBUTTON
KeyRButton Key = win.VK_RBUTTON
KeyCancel Key = win.VK_CANCEL
KeyMButton Key = win.VK_MBUTTON
KeyXButton1 Key = win.VK_XBUTTON1
KeyXButton2 Key = win.VK_XBUTTON2
KeyBack Key = win.VK_BACK
KeyTab Key = win.VK_TAB
KeyClear Key = win.VK_CLEAR
KeyReturn Key = win.VK_RETURN
KeyShift Key = win.VK_SHIFT
KeyControl Key = win.VK_CONTROL
KeyAlt Key = win.VK_MENU
KeyMenu Key = win.VK_MENU
KeyPause Key = win.VK_PAUSE
KeyCapital Key = win.VK_CAPITAL
KeyKana Key = win.VK_KANA
KeyHangul Key = win.VK_HANGUL
KeyJunja Key = win.VK_JUNJA
KeyFinal Key = win.VK_FINAL
KeyHanja Key = win.VK_HANJA
KeyKanji Key = win.VK_KANJI
KeyEscape Key = win.VK_ESCAPE
KeyConvert Key = win.VK_CONVERT
KeyNonconvert Key = win.VK_NONCONVERT
KeyAccept Key = win.VK_ACCEPT
KeyModeChange Key = win.VK_MODECHANGE
KeySpace Key = win.VK_SPACE
KeyPrior Key = win.VK_PRIOR
KeyNext Key = win.VK_NEXT
KeyEnd Key = win.VK_END
KeyHome Key = win.VK_HOME
KeyLeft Key = win.VK_LEFT
KeyUp Key = win.VK_UP
KeyRight Key = win.VK_RIGHT
KeyDown Key = win.VK_DOWN
KeySelect Key = win.VK_SELECT
KeyPrint Key = win.VK_PRINT
KeyExecute Key = win.VK_EXECUTE
KeySnapshot Key = win.VK_SNAPSHOT
KeyInsert Key = win.VK_INSERT
KeyDelete Key = win.VK_DELETE
KeyHelp Key = win.VK_HELP
Key0 Key = 0x30
Key1 Key = 0x31
Key2 Key = 0x32
Key3 Key = 0x33
Key4 Key = 0x34
Key5 Key = 0x35
Key6 Key = 0x36
Key7 Key = 0x37
Key8 Key = 0x38
Key9 Key = 0x39
KeyA Key = 0x41
KeyB Key = 0x42
KeyC Key = 0x43
KeyD Key = 0x44
KeyE Key = 0x45
KeyF Key = 0x46
KeyG Key = 0x47
KeyH Key = 0x48
KeyI Key = 0x49
KeyJ Key = 0x4A
KeyK Key = 0x4B
KeyL Key = 0x4C
KeyM Key = 0x4D
KeyN Key = 0x4E
KeyO Key = 0x4F
KeyP Key = 0x50
KeyQ Key = 0x51
KeyR Key = 0x52
KeyS Key = 0x53
KeyT Key = 0x54
KeyU Key = 0x55
KeyV Key = 0x56
KeyW Key = 0x57
KeyX Key = 0x58
KeyY Key = 0x59
KeyZ Key = 0x5A
KeyLWin Key = win.VK_LWIN
KeyRWin Key = win.VK_RWIN
KeyApps Key = win.VK_APPS
KeySleep Key = win.VK_SLEEP
KeyNumpad0 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD0
KeyNumpad1 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD1
KeyNumpad2 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD2
KeyNumpad3 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD3
KeyNumpad4 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD4
KeyNumpad5 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD5
KeyNumpad6 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD6
KeyNumpad7 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD7
KeyNumpad8 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD8
KeyNumpad9 Key = win.VK_NUMPAD9
KeyMultiply Key = win.VK_MULTIPLY
KeyAdd Key = win.VK_ADD
KeySeparator Key = win.VK_SEPARATOR
KeySubtract Key = win.VK_SUBTRACT
KeyDecimal Key = win.VK_DECIMAL
KeyDivide Key = win.VK_DIVIDE
KeyF1 Key = win.VK_F1
KeyF2 Key = win.VK_F2
KeyF3 Key = win.VK_F3
KeyF4 Key = win.VK_F4
KeyF5 Key = win.VK_F5
KeyF6 Key = win.VK_F6
KeyF7 Key = win.VK_F7
KeyF8 Key = win.VK_F8
KeyF9 Key = win.VK_F9
KeyF10 Key = win.VK_F10
KeyF11 Key = win.VK_F11
KeyF12 Key = win.VK_F12
KeyF13 Key = win.VK_F13
KeyF14 Key = win.VK_F14
KeyF15 Key = win.VK_F15
KeyF16 Key = win.VK_F16
KeyF17 Key = win.VK_F17
KeyF18 Key = win.VK_F18
KeyF19 Key = win.VK_F19
KeyF20 Key = win.VK_F20
KeyF21 Key = win.VK_F21
KeyF22 Key = win.VK_F22
KeyF23 Key = win.VK_F23
KeyF24 Key = win.VK_F24
KeyNumlock Key = win.VK_NUMLOCK
KeyScroll Key = win.VK_SCROLL
KeyLShift Key = win.VK_LSHIFT
KeyRShift Key = win.VK_RSHIFT
KeyLControl Key = win.VK_LCONTROL
KeyRControl Key = win.VK_RCONTROL
KeyLAlt Key = win.VK_LMENU
KeyLMenu Key = win.VK_LMENU
KeyRAlt Key = win.VK_RMENU
KeyRMenu Key = win.VK_RMENU
KeyBrowserBack Key = win.VK_BROWSER_BACK
KeyBrowserForward Key = win.VK_BROWSER_FORWARD
KeyBrowserRefresh Key = win.VK_BROWSER_REFRESH
KeyBrowserStop Key = win.VK_BROWSER_STOP
KeyBrowserSearch Key = win.VK_BROWSER_SEARCH
KeyBrowserFavorites Key = win.VK_BROWSER_FAVORITES
KeyBrowserHome Key = win.VK_BROWSER_HOME
KeyVolumeMute Key = win.VK_VOLUME_MUTE
KeyVolumeDown Key = win.VK_VOLUME_DOWN
KeyVolumeUp Key = win.VK_VOLUME_UP
KeyMediaNextTrack Key = win.VK_MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK
KeyMediaPrevTrack Key = win.VK_MEDIA_PREV_TRACK
KeyMediaStop Key = win.VK_MEDIA_STOP
KeyMediaPlayPause Key = win.VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE
KeyLaunchMail Key = win.VK_LAUNCH_MAIL
KeyLaunchMediaSelect Key = win.VK_LAUNCH_MEDIA_SELECT
KeyLaunchApp1 Key = win.VK_LAUNCH_APP1
KeyLaunchApp2 Key = win.VK_LAUNCH_APP2
KeyOEM1 Key = win.VK_OEM_1
KeyOEMPlus Key = win.VK_OEM_PLUS
KeyOEMComma Key = win.VK_OEM_COMMA
KeyOEMMinus Key = win.VK_OEM_MINUS
KeyOEMPeriod Key = win.VK_OEM_PERIOD
KeyOEM2 Key = win.VK_OEM_2
KeyOEM3 Key = win.VK_OEM_3
KeyOEM4 Key = win.VK_OEM_4
KeyOEM5 Key = win.VK_OEM_5
KeyOEM6 Key = win.VK_OEM_6
KeyOEM7 Key = win.VK_OEM_7
KeyOEM8 Key = win.VK_OEM_8
KeyOEM102 Key = win.VK_OEM_102
KeyProcessKey Key = win.VK_PROCESSKEY
KeyPacket Key = win.VK_PACKET
KeyAttn Key = win.VK_ATTN
KeyCRSel Key = win.VK_CRSEL
KeyEXSel Key = win.VK_EXSEL
KeyErEOF Key = win.VK_EREOF
KeyPlay Key = win.VK_PLAY
KeyZoom Key = win.VK_ZOOM
KeyNoName Key = win.VK_NONAME
KeyPA1 Key = win.VK_PA1
KeyOEMClear Key = win.VK_OEM_CLEAR
var key2string = map[Key]string{
KeyLButton: "LButton",
KeyRButton: "RButton",
KeyCancel: "Cancel",
KeyMButton: "MButton",
KeyXButton1: "XButton1",
KeyXButton2: "XButton2",
KeyBack: "Back",
KeyTab: "Tab",
KeyClear: "Clear",
KeyReturn: "Return",
KeyShift: "Shift",
KeyControl: "Control",
KeyAlt: "Alt / Menu",
KeyPause: "Pause",
KeyCapital: "Capital",
KeyKana: "Kana / Hangul",
KeyJunja: "Junja",
KeyFinal: "Final",
KeyHanja: "Hanja / Kanji",
KeyEscape: "Escape",
KeyConvert: "Convert",
KeyNonconvert: "Nonconvert",
KeyAccept: "Accept",
KeyModeChange: "ModeChange",
KeySpace: "Space",
KeyPrior: "Prior",
KeyNext: "Next",
KeyEnd: "End",
KeyHome: "Home",
KeyLeft: "Left",
KeyUp: "Up",
KeyRight: "Right",
KeyDown: "Down",
KeySelect: "Select",
KeyPrint: "Print",
KeyExecute: "Execute",
KeySnapshot: "Snapshot",
KeyInsert: "Insert",
KeyDelete: "Delete",
KeyHelp: "Help",
Key0: "0",
Key1: "1",
Key2: "2",
Key3: "3",
Key4: "4",
Key5: "5",
Key6: "6",
Key7: "7",
Key8: "8",
Key9: "9",
KeyA: "A",
KeyB: "B",
KeyC: "C",
KeyD: "D",
KeyE: "E",
KeyF: "F",
KeyG: "G",
KeyH: "H",
KeyI: "I",
KeyJ: "J",
KeyK: "K",
KeyL: "L",
KeyM: "M",
KeyN: "N",
KeyO: "O",
KeyP: "P",
KeyQ: "Q",
KeyR: "R",
KeyS: "S",
KeyT: "T",
KeyU: "U",
KeyV: "V",
KeyW: "W",
KeyX: "X",
KeyY: "Y",
KeyZ: "Z",
KeyLWin: "LWin",
KeyRWin: "RWin",
KeyApps: "Apps",
KeySleep: "Sleep",
KeyNumpad0: "Numpad0",
KeyNumpad1: "Numpad1",
KeyNumpad2: "Numpad2",
KeyNumpad3: "Numpad3",
KeyNumpad4: "Numpad4",
KeyNumpad5: "Numpad5",
KeyNumpad6: "Numpad6",
KeyNumpad7: "Numpad7",
KeyNumpad8: "Numpad8",
KeyNumpad9: "Numpad9",
KeyMultiply: "Multiply",
KeyAdd: "Add",
KeySeparator: "Separator",
KeySubtract: "Subtract",
KeyDecimal: "Decimal",
KeyDivide: "Divide",
KeyF1: "F1",
KeyF2: "F2",
KeyF3: "F3",
KeyF4: "F4",
KeyF5: "F5",
KeyF6: "F6",
KeyF7: "F7",
KeyF8: "F8",
KeyF9: "F9",
KeyF10: "F10",
KeyF11: "F11",
KeyF12: "F12",
KeyF13: "F13",
KeyF14: "F14",
KeyF15: "F15",
KeyF16: "F16",
KeyF17: "F17",
KeyF18: "F18",
KeyF19: "F19",
KeyF20: "F20",
KeyF21: "F21",
KeyF22: "F22",
KeyF23: "F23",
KeyF24: "F24",
KeyNumlock: "Numlock",
KeyScroll: "Scroll",
KeyLShift: "LShift",
KeyRShift: "RShift",
KeyLControl: "LControl",
KeyRControl: "RControl",
KeyLMenu: "LMenu",
KeyRMenu: "RMenu",
KeyBrowserBack: "BrowserBack",
KeyBrowserForward: "BrowserForward",
KeyBrowserRefresh: "BrowserRefresh",
KeyBrowserStop: "BrowserStop",
KeyBrowserSearch: "BrowserSearch",
KeyBrowserFavorites: "BrowserFavorites",
KeyBrowserHome: "BrowserHome",
KeyVolumeMute: "VolumeMute",
KeyVolumeDown: "VolumeDown",
KeyVolumeUp: "VolumeUp",
KeyMediaNextTrack: "MediaNextTrack",
KeyMediaPrevTrack: "MediaPrevTrack",
KeyMediaStop: "MediaStop",
KeyMediaPlayPause: "MediaPlayPause",
KeyLaunchMail: "LaunchMail",
KeyLaunchMediaSelect: "LaunchMediaSelect",
KeyLaunchApp1: "LaunchApp1",
KeyLaunchApp2: "LaunchApp2",
KeyOEM1: "OEM1",
KeyOEMPlus: "OEMPlus",
KeyOEMComma: "OEMComma",
KeyOEMMinus: "OEMMinus",
KeyOEMPeriod: "OEMPeriod",
KeyOEM2: "OEM2",
KeyOEM3: "OEM3",
KeyOEM4: "OEM4",
KeyOEM5: "OEM5",
KeyOEM6: "OEM6",
KeyOEM7: "OEM7",
KeyOEM8: "OEM8",
KeyOEM102: "OEM102",
KeyProcessKey: "ProcessKey",
KeyPacket: "Packet",
KeyAttn: "Attn",
KeyCRSel: "CRSel",
KeyEXSel: "EXSel",
KeyErEOF: "ErEOF",
KeyPlay: "Play",
KeyZoom: "Zoom",
KeyNoName: "NoName",
KeyPA1: "PA1",
KeyOEMClear: "OEMClear",
type Modifiers byte
func (m Modifiers) String() string {
return modifiers2string[m]
var modifiers2string = map[Modifiers]string{
ModShift: "Shift",
ModControl: "Ctrl",
ModControl | ModShift: "Ctrl+Shift",
ModAlt: "Alt",
ModAlt | ModShift: "Alt+Shift",
ModAlt | ModControl | ModShift: "Alt+Ctrl+Shift",
const (
ModShift Modifiers = 1 << iota
func ModifiersDown() Modifiers {
var m Modifiers
if ShiftDown() {
m |= ModShift
if ControlDown() {
m |= ModControl
if AltDown() {
m |= ModAlt
return m
type Shortcut struct {
Modifiers Modifiers
Key Key
func (s Shortcut) String() string {
m := s.Modifiers.String()
if m == "" {
return s.Key.String()
b := new(bytes.Buffer)
return b.String()
func AltDown() bool {
return win.GetKeyState(int32(KeyAlt))>>15 != 0
func ControlDown() bool {
return win.GetKeyState(int32(KeyControl))>>15 != 0
func ShiftDown() bool {
return win.GetKeyState(int32(KeyShift))>>15 != 0