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#ifndef FILE_H
#define FILE_H
#include "TwoWayList.h"
#include "Record.h"
#include "Schema.h"
#include "Comparison.h"
#include "ComparisonEngine.h"
class Record;
using namespace std;
class Page {
TwoWayList <Record> *myRecs;
int numRecs;
int curSizeInBytes;
// constructor
Page ();
virtual ~Page ();
// this takes a page and writes its binary representation to bits
void ToBinary (char *bits);
// this takes a binary representation of a page and gets the
// records from it
void FromBinary (char *bits);
// the deletes the first record from a page and returns it; returns
// a zero if there were no records on the page
int GetFirst (Record *firstOne);
// this appends the record to the end of a page. The return value
// is a one on success and a aero if there is no more space
// note that the record is consumed so it will have no value after
int Append (Record *addMe);
// empty it out
void EmptyItOut ();
class File {
int myFilDes;
off_t curLength;
File ();
~File ();
// returns the current length of the file, in pages
off_t GetLength ();
// opens the given file; the first parameter tells whether or not to
// create the file. If the parameter is zero, a new file is created
// the file; if notNew is zero, then the file is created and any other
// file located at that location is erased. Otherwise, the file is
// simply opened
void Open (int length, char *fName);
// allows someone to explicitly get a specified page from the file
void GetPage (Page *putItHere, off_t whichPage);
// allows someone to explicitly write a specified page to the file
// if the write is past the end of the file, all of the new pages that
// are before the page to be written are zeroed out
void AddPage (Page *addMe, off_t whichPage);
// closes the file and returns the file length (in number of pages)
int Close ();
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