A python interface to the Akismet API for blocking SPAM comments to blogs
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Version: 0.2.1
Copyright: Michael Foord 2005-2009

A python interface to the Akismet API. This is a web service for blocking SPAM comments to blogs - or other online services.

This is a quick fix to get Akismet working with non-ascii Unicode data. Please check PyPI if there is an official release. -Kumar

pip install git+git://github.com/kumar303/akismet.git#egg=akismet

You will need a Wordpress API key, from wordpress.com.

You should pass in the keyword argument 'agent' to the name of your program, when you create an Akismet instance. This sets the user-agent to a useful value.

The default is :

Python Interface by Fuzzyman | akismet.py/0.2.0

Whatever you pass in, will replace the Python Interface by Fuzzyman part. 0.2.0 will change with the version of this interface.

Usage example:

from akismet import Akismet

api = Akismet(agent='Test Script')
# if apikey.txt is in place,
# the key will automatically be set
# or you can call api.setAPIKey()
if api.key is None:
    print "No 'apikey.txt' file."
elif not api.verify_key():
    print "The API key is invalid."
    # data should be a dictionary of values
    # They can all be filled in with defaults
    # from a CGI environment
    if api.comment_check(comment, data):
        print 'This comment is spam.'
        print 'This comment is ham.'

As of version 0.2.0 akismet.py can be used with Google AppEngine.