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In-app Payment Tester

This is an open web app that implements Mozilla's navigator.mozPay() API. It is used for diagnostics / testing in the Marketplace development cycle.

Run The App

You can run the app from to test in-app payments. Here is a shortcut to install the app on device.

Customize It

If you want to customize the settings (like your payment keys) you can run the app yourself almost as easily.


  • NodeJS >= 0.8
  • npm >= 1.1

Clone the source and install:

git clone git://
cd inapp-pay-test
npm install
cp config-dist.js config.js

Edit config.js and enter your Application Key and Application Secret. Start the development server:

npm start

View the app at or install the manifest from


You can deploy to Mozilla's Stackato PAAS if you have access. Edit the app name in stackato.yml so that it's unique across the cluster. Create a new app like this:

stackato push

Make updates:

stackato update

You may want to edit config.js to set different settings while running in Stackato.

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