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(ns leiningen.localrepo
[leiningen.core.main :as main]
[cemerick.pomegranate.aether :as aether]
[ :as jio]
[clojure.string :as str]
[clojure.pprint :as ppr]
[clojure.set :as set]
[ :as cli]
[clojure.xml :as xml]
[leiningen.localrepo.internal :as in])
(java.util Date)
(java.text DateFormat)
( File)
(java.util.jar JarFile)))
(def local-repo-path (str/join File/separator [(System/getProperty "user.home")
".m2" "repository"]))
(defn pwd []
(.getParent (.getAbsoluteFile (File. "."))))
(defn assert-dir
[^String dir]
(if (in/dir? (jio/file dir))
(main/abort (format "ERROR: '%s' is not a directory, current directory is: %s" dir (pwd)))))
(defn assert-file
[^String file]
(if (in/file? (jio/file file))
(main/abort (format "ERROR: '%s' is not a file, current directory is: %s" file (pwd)))))
(defn split-artifactid
"Given 'groupIp/artifactId' string split them up and return
as a vector of 2 elements."
[^String artifact-id]
(let [tokens (str/split artifact-id #"/")
tcount (count tokens)
[gi ai] tokens]
(if (or (zero? tcount)
(> tcount 2)
(nil? gi))
(in/illegal-arg "Invalid groupId/artifactId:" artifact-id)
(if (nil? ai)
[gi gi]
[gi ai]))))
(def doc-coords
"Guess Leiningen coordinates of given filename.
Input - local/jars/foo-bar-1.0.6.jar
Output - foo-bar-1.0.6.jar foo-bar 1.0.6")
(defn c-coords
"Guess Leiningen coordinates of given filename.
Input - local/jars/foo-bar-1.0.6.jar
Output - foo-bar-1.0.6.jar foo-bar 1.0.6"
[^String filepath]
(let [filename (in/pick-filename filepath)
tokens (drop-last
(re-find (re-matcher #"(.+)\-(\d.+)\.(\w+)"
[_ artifact-id version] tokens]
(println filepath (str artifact-id "/" artifact-id) version)))
(def doc-install
"Install artifact to local repository
[options] <filename> <artifact-id> <version>
-r | --repo repo-path
-p | --pom POM-file (minimal POM is generated if no POM file specified)
foo-1.0.jar bar/foo 1.0")
(def default-pom-format
"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>
<project xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xsi=\"\" xsi:schemaLocation=\"\">
(defn default-pom-file
"Generate default temporary POM file returning the file name"
[group-id artifact-id version]
(let [pom-file (File/createTempFile "pom" ".xml")
pom-name (.getAbsolutePath pom-file)]
(.deleteOnExit pom-file)
(spit pom-name (format default-pom-format
group-id artifact-id version artifact-id))
(defn c-install*
[repo-path pom-filename filename artifact-id version]
(aether/install :local-repo (assert-dir repo-path)
:coordinates [(symbol artifact-id) version]
:jar-file (jio/file (assert-file filename))
:pom-file (assert-file pom-filename))
(main/exit 0))
(defn c-install
[& args]
(let [[options args banner] (cli/cli args
["-r" "--repo" "Local repo path" :default local-repo-path]
["-p" "--pom" "Artifact POM file"])
help-abort (fn []
(println doc-install)
(not= 3 (count args)) (help-abort)
:otherwise (let [[filename artifact-id version] args
[pom-group-id pom-artifact-id] (let [i (.indexOf artifact-id "/")]
(if (>= i 0)
[(.substring artifact-id 0 i)
(.substring artifact-id (inc i))]
[artifact-id artifact-id]))
pom-filename (if (:pom options)
(:pom options)
(default-pom-file pom-group-id pom-artifact-id version))]
(c-install* (:repo options) pom-filename filename artifact-id version)))))
(defn read-artifact-description
(if (.isFile pom-file)
(let [raw-content (slurp pom-file)
xml-content (xml/parse pom-file)
map-content (in/xml-map xml-content)]
(first (:description (:project map-content))))
"(No description available)"))
(defn read-artifact-details
"Given a POM file, read project details"
(if (.isFile pom-file)
(let [raw-content (slurp pom-file)
xml-content (xml/parse pom-file)
map-content (in/xml-map xml-content)]
(ppr/pprint map-content)))
"(No details available)"))
(defn read-artifact-entries
"Read artifact entries from specified `dir` and return as a list. If
dir contains only sub-dirs then it recurses to find actual entries."
(assert (in/dir? dir))
(let [entries (filter #(not (.startsWith (.getName %) "."))
(.listFiles dir))
{subdirs :dir
nondirs :file} (group-by in/dir-or-file entries)]
(if (not (empty? subdirs))
(reduce into [] (map read-artifact-entries subdirs))
(let [ignore-ext #{"lastUpdated" "pom" "properties"
"repositories" "sha1" "xml"}
arti-file? #(in/not-contains? ignore-ext
(in/pick-filename-ext %))]
(for [each (filter #(arti-file? (.getName %)) nondirs)]
;; parent = version, parent->parent = artifactId
;; parent->parent->parent[relative-path] = groupId
(let [parent (.getParentFile each)
version (.getName parent)
artifact-id (.getName (.getParentFile parent))
group-path (in/java-filepath
(in/relative-path local-repo-path
(-> parent
group-clean (let [slash? #(= \/ %)
rtrim #(if (slash? (last %)) (drop-last %) %)
ltrim #(if (slash? (first %)) (rest %) %)]
(apply str (-> group-path rtrim ltrim)))
group-id (str/replace group-clean "/" ".")]
(jio/file each)
(jio/file (let [[dir fne] (in/split-filepath
(.getAbsolutePath each))
[fnm ext] (in/split-filename fne)]
(str dir "/" fnm ".pom")))]))))))
(def doc-list
"List artifacts in local Maven repo
[-r | --repo repo-path] [-d | -f | -s]
-r | --repo repo-path => specifies the path of the local Maven repository
No arguments lists with concise information
-d lists in detail
-f lists with filenames of artifacts
-s lists with project description")
(defn c-list*
"List artifacts in local Maven repo"
[repo-path listing-type]
(let [artifact-entries (sort (read-artifact-entries
(jio/file (assert-dir repo-path))))
artifact-str (fn artstr
([gi ai] (if (= gi ai) ai (str gi "/" ai)))
([[gi ai & more]] (artstr gi ai)))
each-artifact (fn [f] ; args to f: 1. art-name, 2. artifacts
(let [by-art-id (group-by artifact-str
(doseq [art-str (keys by-art-id)]
(f art-str (get by-art-id art-str)))))
df (DateFormat/getDateTimeInstance)
date-format #(.format df %)
ljustify (fn [s n]
(let [s (str/trim (str s))]
(if (> (count s) n) s
(apply str
(take n (concat
s (repeat n \space)))))))
rjustify (fn [s n]
(let [s (str/trim (str s))]
(if (> (count s) n) s
(apply str
n (concat (repeat n \space)
(nil? listing-type)
(fn [art-name artifacts]
(format "%s (%s)" art-name
(str/join ", "
(distinct (for [[g a v f p] artifacts]
(= :description listing-type)
(fn [art-name artifacts]
(format "%s (%s) -- %s" (ljustify art-name 20)
(str/join ", "
(distinct (for [[g a v f p] artifacts]
(or (some #(read-artifact-description
(last %)) artifacts)
(= :filename listing-type)
(fn [art-name artifacts]
(doseq [each artifacts]
(let [[g a v ^File f] each
an (ljustify (format "[%s \"%s\"]"
art-name v) 30)
nm (ljustify (.getName f) 30)
sp (ljustify (format "%s %s" an nm) 62)
ln (rjustify (.length f)
(min (- 70 (count sp)) 10))]
(format "%s %s %s" sp ln
(Date. (.lastModified f)))))))))
(= :detail listing-type)
(fn [art-name artifacts]
(format "%s (%s)\n%s" (ljustify art-name 20)
(str/join ", "
(distinct (for [[g a v f p] artifacts]
(or (some #(read-artifact-details
(last %)) artifacts)
(throw (RuntimeException.
(str "Expected valid listing type, found " listing-type))))))
(defn c-list
[& args]
(let [[options args banner] (cli/cli args
["-r" "--repo" "Local repo path" :default local-repo-path]
["-d" "--detail" "List in detail" :flag true]
["-f" "--filename" "List with filenames" :flag true]
["-s" "--description" "List with description" :flag true])
list-types #{:detail :filename :description}
help-abort (fn []
(println doc-list)
(println "Only either of -d, -f, -s may be selected")
(seq args) (do (println "Invalid arguments" args) (help-abort))
(->> (keys options)
(filter options)
(set/intersection list-types)
seq) (help-abort)
:otherwise (c-list* (:repo options)
(some #(and (options %) %) list-types)))))
(def doc-remove
"Remove artifacts from local Maven repo")
(defn c-remove
"Remove artifacts from local Maven repo"
[& args]
(println "Not yet implemented"))
(def doc-help
"Display help for plugin, or for specified command
[<command>] the command to show help for
No argument lists generic help page")
(defn c-help
"Display help for plugin, or for specified command"
(println "
Leiningen plugin to work with local Maven repository.
coords Guess Leiningen (Maven) coords of a file
install Install artifact to local repository
list List artifacts in local repository
remove Remove artifact from local repository (Not Yet Implemented)
help This help screen
For help on individual commands use 'help' with command name, e.g.:
$ lein localrepo help install
(case command
"coords" (println doc-coords)
"install" (println doc-install)
"list" (println doc-list)
"remove" (println doc-remove)
"help" (println doc-help)
(in/illegal-arg "Illegal command:" command
", Allowed: coords, install, list, remove, help"))))
(defn apply-cmd
[pred cmd f args]
(if (pred) (apply f args)
(c-help cmd)))
(defn ^:no-project-needed localrepo
"Work with local Maven repository"
([_ command & args]
(let [argc (count args)]
(case command
"coords" (apply-cmd #(= argc 1) command c-coords args)
"install" (apply-cmd #(#{3 5 7} argc) command c-install args)
"list" (apply-cmd #(#{0 1 2 3} argc) command c-list args)
"remove" (apply-cmd #(>= argc 0) command c-remove args)
"help" (apply-cmd #(or (= argc 0)
(= argc 1)) command c-help args)
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