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(ns leiningen.sub
(:require [leiningen.core.main :as main]
[leiningen.core.project :as project]))
(defn apply-task-to-subproject
[sub-proj-dir task-name args]
(println "Reading project from" sub-proj-dir)
(let [sub-project (project/init-project
(project/read (str sub-proj-dir "/project.clj")))
new-task-name (main/lookup-alias task-name sub-project)]
(main/apply-task new-task-name sub-project args)))
(defn sub
"Run task for all subprojects"
[project task-name & args]
(if-let [subprojects (seq (:sub project))]
(doseq [sub subprojects]
(apply-task-to-subproject sub task-name args))
"No subprojects defined. Define with :sub key in project.clj, e.g.
:sub [\"modules/dep1\" \"modules/proj-common\"]
Note: Each sub-project directory should have its own project.clj file"
{:exit-code 1}))))
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