🐯 3D multiplayer voxel sandbox to teach programming
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A 3D multiplayer voxel game with a code gun! It's a gun that shoots code you wrote into the world!


Try it out here. To start, host a game, create a world, then select that world to host. Share the URL with friends and they will join your game.


First you'll need to make sure you have git and node installed. You can check this by going to your command line and typing git -v and node -v. If you get a command not found message, install the missing tool:


To start contributing to this project:

git clone https://github.com/kumavis/node-warrior.git
cd node-warrior
npm install

To launch the asset server (port 8002) run

npm start

Grunt will now do some work for you and get the server running. Just go into your web browser and visit http://localhost:8002/.


  • Press the ~ (tilde/backtick) key to toggle the code editor
  • Number keys select the different 'tools'
  • Materials can be selected using keys t y u i o p [ ] \ and g h j k l ; '
  • Press enter to chat in the bottom left window