Prometheus metrics exporter for Dovecot.
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Dovecot exporter

This repository provides a dovecot_exporter utility that can be used to scrape statistics from Dovecot and export them as Prometheus metrics. It extracts the metrics that are exposed by Dovecot's stats module by connecting to UNIX socket /var/run/dovecot/stats and serves them as Prometheus metrics over TCP port 9166.

A list of command line flags supported by this utility can be obtained by looking at this exporter's main() function. Do note that all command line flags require two leading dashes (e.g., --dovecot.scopes).

The metrics provided by this exporter look like this:

dovecot_up{scope="user"} 1
dovecot_user_last_update{user=""} 1.482243627730987e+09
dovecot_user_mail_cache_hits{user=""} 298
dovecot_user_mail_lookup_attr{user=""} 4
dovecot_user_mail_lookup_path{user=""} 87
dovecot_user_mail_read_bytes{user=""} 176544
dovecot_user_mail_read_count{user=""} 83
dovecot_user_maj_faults{user=""} 0
dovecot_user_min_faults{user=""} 156053
dovecot_user_num_cmds{user=""} 565
dovecot_user_num_logins{user=""} 80
dovecot_user_read_bytes{user=""} 2.63032577e+08
dovecot_user_read_count{user=""} 73992
dovecot_user_reset_timestamp{user=""} 1.482239247e+09
dovecot_user_sys_cpu{user=""} 2.236
dovecot_user_user_cpu{user=""} 11.944
dovecot_user_vol_cs{user=""} 2981
dovecot_user_write_bytes{user=""} 961822
dovecot_user_write_count{user=""} 4906

The interpretation of these metrics is described on the Dovecot wiki.