A Prometheus exporter for Unbound.
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EdSchouten Use total.recursion.time.avg to reconstruct the histogram sum.
Wouter Wijngaards mentioned in the NLnet bug tracker that this metric
provides exactly the value that we need.
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Prometheus Unbound exporter

This repository provides code for a simple Prometheus metrics exporter for the Unbound DNS resolver. This exporter connects to Unbounds TLS control socket and sends the stats_noreset command, causing Unbound to return metrics as key-value pairs. The metrics exporter converts Unbound metric names to Prometheus metric names and labels by using a set of regular expressions.


To install this code and in your go environment. You can then add the binary to your PATH.

go get github.com/kumina/unbound_exporter
go install github.com/kumina/unbound_exporter


To show all CLI flags available

unbound_exporter -h