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A websockets proxy, written in C
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wsproxy: WebSockets-to-TCP proxy (for noVNC)


wsproxy is an application that can be run from inetd, which allows noVNC to connect to an unmodified libvncserver. Furthermore, it makes use of the recently added support in noVNC for file names. The file name is used to denote the port number. Say, you connect to:


The wsproxy opens a connection to:


The address to which wsproxy connects, is the same as the address to which the client connected (using getsockname()).


wsproxy can be enabled by adding the following line to inetd.conf:

41337 stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/sbin/wsproxy wsproxy 25900 25909

The two parameters of wsproxy denote the minimum and the maximum allowed port numbers. This allows a single wsproxy instance to multiplex connections to multiple VNC servers. When the minimum and the maximum allowed port numbers are identical, wsproxy will connect to that port, regardless of the file name provided.

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