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KumuluzEE Feature Flags

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KumuluzEE Feature Flags project for development with feature flags.

KumuluzEE Feature Flags enables you to easily manage feature flags in your application. Currenty it includes the Unleash-based implementation. The Unleash documentation can be found here.


You can enable KumuluzEE Feature Flags Unleash support by adding the following dependency to pom.xml:


Installing Unleash

In order to use Unleash, you can run it in Docker. You can find Unleash docker guide here.


To configure Unleash, create configuration in resources/config.yaml. Here you can put your Unleash host api address, app name will be read from

  name: String - App Name
      unleash-api: String - null

Additionally if you want more advanced configuration, you can create a custom UnleashConfig object and annotate the class with @FFConnection. This will override configuration in resources/config.yml

public class UnleashConnection {  
    UnleashConfig config = UnleashConfig  

Creating a flag

Access the admin UI on http://localhost:4242 and create a new flag. Name it "test-feature" (or whatever you want, but don't forget to correct the flag name in the code after).

Using feature flags

You can check if feature flags are enabled by using FeatureFlags object in the same way as you would use Unleash client object.

private FeatureFlags featureFlags;

	//do something
} else {
	//do something else

In order to use Unleash-specific operations, inject the UnleashFeatureFlags object.


You can start by using the sample code.


Recent changes can be viewed on Github on the Releases Page


See the contributing docs

When submitting an issue, please follow the guidelines.

When submitting a bugfix, write a test that exposes the bug and fails before applying your fix. Submit the test alongside the fix.

When submitting a new feature, add tests that cover the feature.




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