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We are happy to announce the release of KumuluzEE 3.6.0. This release includes a brand new profile for MicroProfile 3.0 specification.

MicroProfile 3.0 specification consists of the following components:

  • KumuluzEE Core
  • KumuluzEE Servlet Jetty
  • KumuluzEE CDI Weld
  • KumuluzEE JAX-RS Jersey
  • KumuluzEE JSON-P
  • KumuluzEE JSON-B Yasson

And the following extensions:

Dependency versions have also been updated to their latest versions.


  • Added MicroProfile 3.0 profile.
  • Added Jetty etag header support for static content.


  • Upped dependency versions.
  • Added caching EeExtensionGroup in preparation for JCache extension.


  • Downgraded snakeyaml version due to breakage of log4j2 initialization.