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Welcome to the KumuluzEE wiki!

Getting started

View the getting started guide here

What is KumuluzEE?

KumuluzEE is a lightweight framework for developing microservices using standard Java EE technologies and migrating existing Java EE applications to microservices. KumuluzEE packages microservices as standalone JARs. KumuluzEE microservices are lightweight and optimized for size and start-up time. They fit perfectly with Docker containers. KumuluzEE also provides extensions for developing common patterns in cloud-native architectures, including configuration, logging, discovery, circuit-breakers, metrics, security, event streaming and more.

Microservices with Java EE

A standard approach for deploying Java EE applications is packing all components into a single EAR/WAR archive and deploying the archive on the application server. This leads to monolithic architectures which make applications difficult to maintain and scale in cloud (PaaS) environments. The microservice architecture addresses these shortcomings by decomposing an application into a set of stateless microservices. Each microservice has a well-defined functionality and an interface for communication with other services.

Why KumuluzEE

  • Develop pure Java EE based microservices and pack and execute them as stand-alone (Fat/Uber) JARs.
  • Develop microservices using standard Java EE APIs and technologies.
    • Leverage your existing Java EE knowledge and extend it to cloud-native architecture.
    • Gradually migrate existing Java EE applications to microservices and cloud-native architecture.
  • KumuluzEE is a cloud-native, pure and open microservice framework. Light-weight, small footprint, rapid start, container-ready.
    • KumuluzEE is not a traditional Java EE app server, neither does it embed an app-server inside microservices. It provides configurable Java EE environment inside stand-alone JARs, which only require JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to execute.
    • KumuluzEE generates pure, efficient Java microservices, which start considerably faster and have lower footprint than the majority of other Java microservice frameworks.
    • KumuluzEE is fully open, standard-based and extensible.
  • Zero lock-in. KumuluzEE does not require any specific code. Everything is configured in pom.xml. You have the complete control over Java EE components you are using.
  • KumuluzEE allows you to extend your microservices with common cloud-native patterns.
    • KumuluzEE provides full support for config, discovery, health, logging, security, fault tolerance, circuit-breakers, event streaming, metrics, REST patterns and more.
  • KumuluzEE microservices can be packed as Docker containers and provide full support for container environments.
  • KumuluzEE microservices and fully compatible with Kubernetes.
    • Service discovery, configuration, health, metrics and other extensions support specifics of Kubernetes and have been thoroughly tested.
  • KumuluzEE microservices provide first-class support for API gateways.
    • Service discovery, configuration and other extensions can be configured to work with different API gateways.
  • KumuluzEE is fully integrated with KumuluzAPI, an innovative microservice API Management and other Kumuluz and KumuluzDigital products.

Where to go from here

Explore KumuluzEE samples. Read about configuration support. Read about TLS/SSL support. Read about Uber JAR support.

Have a look at KumuluzEE extensions.

Read more about KumuluzEE.

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