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About the Project

Built an Alexa App which lives in the Mac System Tray. It can be accessed at any time by pressing and holding the Option key when speaking commands.

Big Shoutout to Carson McDonald whose AVSExample in Swift laid the foundation for this project.

##Benefits of this app vs the Amazon Echo

  1. You can do client side processing on the Audio (i.e: determine who is speaking, get sentiment or emotion analysis...etc)
  2. It's much easier for demoing the Amazon skill you just created at a Hackathon
  3. It's Free! ;)

##Getting Started ###Just want the Binary? Skip all the instructions below. Clone the repo and run the app in the Binary Folder. I believe you still need an Alexa account.

###Amazon Developer Account

  1. Create an account at
  2. Follow the getting started guide for Amazon Voice Service.
  3. In the procedure keep track of your Application Type ID and Client ID. We will need those values later.

###Install Dependencies Carthage is used for dependancies. After cloning go into the root directory and run:

carthage bootstrap

Since this is Carthage, make sure to add the GCDframework for Mac OSX to the project after your done running the bootstrap command.

###Enter Config Values Alt text

  • Click on the MacLexa icon to show the Nib.
  • Enter in the Application Type ID and Client ID
  • Register

###Begin! Alt text

  • Press the Option Key to start recording, on first press it will see you dont have a token and open up a safari window for you to enter your amazon creds
  • Hold and Press the option key while you're talking to Alexa. You will see a red record icon pop up become visible while you are speaking to alexa.

email for questions


Put Amazon's Alexa in the Mac System Tray - uses Alexa Voice Service and built with Swift







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