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;;; poet-theme.el --- A theme for prose
;; Copyright 2018-now Kunal Bhalla
;; Author: Kunal Bhalla <>
;; URL:
;; Version: 2.1
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "24.1"))
;; Keywords: faces, theme, prose
;;; Commentary:
;; An emacs theme that's well suited for prose: particularly org-mode and
;; markdown-mode; or any mode that works well with `variable-pitch` mode.
;; Emacs has very good support for multiple fonts in a single
;; file. Poet uses this support to make it much more convenient to
;; write prose within Emacs, with particular attention paid to
;; org-mode and markdown-mode. Code blocks, tables, etc are
;; formatted in monospace text with the appropriate backgrounds.
;; Theme Customizations
;; - `poet-theme-variable-headers`
;; Enable / disable different text heights for different faces.
;; - `poet-theme-variable-pitch-multiplier`
;; Relative size for the variable pitch font; modify for a better visual
;; balance.
;; NOTE: poet-variable-headers was renamed to poet-theme-variable-headers.
;; Recommended customizations for using this theme
;; - Set up the base fonts you'd like to use in Emacs before loading Poet
;; (set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Iosevka" :height 130)
;; (set-face-attribute 'fixed-pitch nil :family "Iosevka")
;; (set-face-attribute 'variable-pitch nil :family "Baskerville")
;; On loading this theme captures the default and treats that for fixed-pitch
;; rendering.
;; - Enable variable pitch mode for editing text
;; (add-hook 'text-mode-hook
;; (lambda ()
;; (variable-pitch-mode 1))
;; This file was generated by tangling, included with the theme.
;;; Code:
(defvar poet-theme-monospace-height
(face-attribute 'fixed-pitch :height nil 'default)
"The original height stored as a defvar to stay constant across reloads.")
(defgroup poet-theme nil
"Customizations to change the behavior of poet"
:group 'faces
:prefix "poet-"
:tag "Poet")
(defcustom poet-theme-variable-pitch-multiplier
"The size multiplier to use for variable pitch.
Modify this to get a better balance between the monospace and
variable-pitch fonts you're using: a value from ~1.1 to ~1.3
tends to work well."
:group 'poet-theme
:type 'number)
(defcustom poet-theme-variable-headers t
"Use varying sizes for headers in org and markdown"
:group 'poet-theme
:type 'boolean)
(defun poet-theme--height (multiplier)
"Returns the height as MULTIPLIER * variable-pitch height."
(if poet-theme-variable-headers
(truncate (* poet-theme-variable-pitch-multiplier
(* poet-theme-monospace-height multiplier)))
(truncate (* poet-theme-variable-pitch-multiplier
(deftheme poet
"A prose friendly theme")
(let ((fg "#444444")
(bg "#e1d9c2")
(emph "#222222")
(sep "#eeeeee")
(hlt "#efefef")
(bg-hlt "#fff8e1")
(muted "#795548")
(meta "#4e342e")
(link "#303f9f")
(link-underline "#304ffe")
(vlink-underline "#1a237e")
(header "#770b0b")
(button "#616161")
(glyph "#673AB7")
(cursor "#333333")
(paren-match-bg "#ff1744")
(paren-match-fg "#ffffff")
(search-fg "#c2185b")
(search-bg "#ffffff")
(search-fail-bg "#f8bbd0")
(tooltip-fg "#111111")
(tooltip-bg "#fff176")
(shadow "#999999")
(secondary-bg "#fff59d")
(trailing-bg "#ff8a65")
(fci "#dedede")
(lazy-hlt-fg "#000000")
(lazy-hlt-bg "#ffffff")
(evil-rep-fg "#ffffff")
(evil-rep-bg "#4e342e")
(mode-line-fg "#111111")
(header-line-bg "#e0e0e0")
(mode-line-hlt "#ffffff")
(mode-line-inactive "#888888")
(error "#df5286")
(builtin "#795548")
(string "#6C3082")
(function-name "#388E3C")
(keyword "#bf360c")
(constant "#0288D1")
(type "#3f51b5")
(variable "#455A64")
(org-meta "#8D6E63")
(org-document-info "#795548")
(org-table "#e0e0e0")
(org-quote-fg "#4A148C")
(org-quote-bg "#e0e0e0")
(org-date "#444444")
(org-title "#B71C1C")
(org-title-underline "#aaaaaa")
(org-checkbox "#aaaaaa")
(org-scheduled "#333333")
(org-scheduled-today "#111111")
(org-done "#388E3C")
(org-todo "#BF360C")
(org-tag "#777777")
(org-block-line "#c7c7c7")
(org-block-bg "#e0e0e0")
(org-agenda-structure-fg "#555555")
(org-agenda-structure-bg "#e0e0e0")
(org-agenda-today-fg "#000000")
(org-agenda-today-bg "#eeeeee")
(org-special-keyword "#777777")
(org-sched-prev "#3f0000")
(org-agenda-done "#777777")
(hl-line "#efefef")
(linum-hlt "#555555")
(linum "#aaaaaa")
(markdown-markup "#8D6E63")
(markdown-metadata "#777777")
(markdown-language "#7b1fa2")
(markdown-list "#000000")
(markdown-code-bg "#e0e0e0")
(markdown-pre-bg "#e0e0e0")
(markdown-header-delimiter "#8D6E63")
(imenu "#4e342e"))
(custom-theme-set-faces 'poet
`(variable-pitch ((t (:family ,(face-attribute 'variable-pitch :family) :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1))))))
`(default ((t (:background ,bg :foreground ,fg))))
`(italic ((t (:foreground ,emph :slant italic))))
`(highlight ((t (:background ,hlt :overline nil))))
`(region ((t (:background ,bg-hlt))))
`(fringe ((t (:background ,bg))))
`(button ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,button))))
`(escape-glyph ((t (:foreground ,glyph))))
`(link ((t (:underline (:color ,link-underline :style line) :foreground ,link))))
`(link-visited ((t (:inherit link :foreground ,link :underline (:color ,vlink-underline :style line)))))
`(cursor ((t (:background ,cursor))))
`(show-paren-match ((t (:background ,paren-match-fg :foreground ,paren-match-bg))))
`(isearch ((t (:foreground ,search-fg :background ,search-bg))))
`(isearch-fail ((t (:background ,search-fail-bg))))
`(query-replace ((t (:inherit isearch))))
`(tooltip ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,tooltip-fg :background ,tooltip-bg))))
`(shadow ((t (:foreground ,shadow))))
`(secondary-selection ((t (:background ,secondary-bg))))
`(trailing-whitespace ((t (:background ,trailing-bg))))
`(lazy-highlight ((t (:foreground ,lazy-hlt-fg :background ,lazy-hlt-bg))))
`(next-error ((t (:inherit region))))
`(window-divider ((t (:background ,sep :foreground ,sep))))
`(vertical-border ((t (:background ,sep :foreground ,sep))))
`(evil-ex-substitute-replacement ((t (:foreground ,evil-rep-fg :background ,evil-rep-bg :underline nil))))
`(minibuffer-prompt ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :weight bold :foreground ,meta))))
`(mode-line ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,mode-line-fg :background ,bg :overline ,sep :box (:line-width 3 :color ,bg)))))
`(header-line ((t (:overline nil :background ,header-line-bg :box (:line-width 3 :color ,header-line-bg) :underline ,sep :inherit mode-line))))
`(mode-line-buffer-id ((t (:weight bold))))
`(mode-line-emphasis ((t (:weight bold))))
`(mode-line-highlight ((t (:background ,mode-line-hlt))))
`(mode-line-inactive ((t (:inherit mode-line :background ,bg :foreground ,mode-line-inactive :box (:color ,bg :line-width 3)))))
`(error ((t (:foreground ,error :inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(font-lock-comment-face ((t (:foreground ,muted :inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(font-lock-builtin-face ((t (:foreground ,builtin :inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(font-lock-string-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,string))))
`(font-lock-function-name-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,function-name))))
`(font-lock-keyword-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,keyword))))
`(font-lock-comment-delimiter-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :inherit font-lock-comment-face))))
`(font-lock-constant-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,constant))))
`(font-lock-doc-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :inherit font-lock-string-face))))
`(font-lock-preprocessor-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :inherit font-lock-builtin-face))))
`(font-lock-regexp-grouping-backslash ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :inherit bold))))
`(font-lock-regexp-grouping-construct ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :inherit bold))))
`(font-lock-type-face ((t (:foreground ,type :inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(font-lock-variable-name-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,variable))))
`(font-lock-warning-face ((t (:inherit error))))
`(org-level-1 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.5))))))
`(org-level-2 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.4))))))
`(org-level-3 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.3))))))
`(org-level-4 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(org-level-5 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(org-level-6 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(org-level-7 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(org-level-8 ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,header :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(org-meta-line ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,org-meta))))
`(org-document-info-keyword ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,org-document-info))))
`(org-document-info ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,org-document-info))))
`(org-verbatim ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(org-code ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(org-table ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :background ,org-table))))
`(org-formula ((t (:inherit org-table :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1))))))
`(org-verse ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,org-quote-fg :background ,org-quote-bg))))
`(org-quote ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,org-quote-fg :background ,org-quote-bg))))
`(org-hide ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,bg))))
`(org-indent ((t (:inherit org-hide))))
`(org-date ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,org-date :underline nil))))
`(org-document-title ((t (:inherit default :foreground ,org-title :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.8)) :underline (:color ,org-title-underline)))))
`(org-checkbox ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :weight bold :foreground ,org-checkbox))))
`(org-done ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,org-done))))
`(org-todo ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,org-todo))))
`(org-tag ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1)) :foreground ,org-tag))))
`(org-block-begin-line ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :background ,org-block-line))))
`(org-block-end-line ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :background ,org-block-line))))
`(org-block ((t (:background ,org-block-bg :inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(org-priority ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :weight normal))))
`(org-agenda-structure ((t (:foreground ,org-agenda-structure-fg :background ,bg :box (:line-width 3 :color ,bg) :underline ,org-agenda-structure-bg))))
`(org-scheduled ((t (:foreground ,org-scheduled))))
`(org-scheduled-today ((t (:foreground ,org-scheduled-today))))
`(org-agenda-date-weekend ((t (:inherit org-agenda-structure))))
`(org-agenda-date-today ((t (:box (:line-width 3 :color ,org-agenda-today-bg) :foreground ,org-agenda-today-fg :background ,org-agenda-today-bg))))
`(org-special-keyword ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,org-special-keyword))))
`(org-scheduled-previously ((t (:foreground ,org-sched-prev))))
`(org-agenda-done ((t (:foreground ,org-agenda-done))))
`(org-footnote ((t (:foreground ,link))))
`(hl-line ((t (:background ,hl-line))))
`(linum-highlight-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,linum-hlt))))
`(linum ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,linum))))
`(line-number ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,linum))))
`(line-number-current-line ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,linum-hlt))))
`(markdown-header-face-1 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.5))))))
`(markdown-header-face-2 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.4))))))
`(markdown-header-face-3 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.3))))))
`(markdown-header-face-4 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(markdown-header-face-5 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(markdown-header-face-6 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(markdown-header-face-7 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(markdown-header-face-8 ((t (:foreground ,header :inherit default :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1.23))))))
`(markdown-markup-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,markdown-markup))))
`(markdown-inline-code-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch))))
`(markdown-metadata-key-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1)) :foreground ,markdown-metadata))))
`(markdown-metadata-value-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1)) :foreground ,fg))))
`(markdown-language-keyword-face ((t (:foreground ,markdown-language))))
`(markdown-list-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,markdown-list))))
`(markdown-code-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,fg :background ,markdown-code-bg))))
`(markdown-pre-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :color ,fg :background ,markdown-pre-bg))))
`(markdown-header-delimiter-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,markdown-header-delimiter))))
`(markdown-header-rule-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,markdown-header-delimiter))))
`(markdown-url-face ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground ,link))))
`(imenu-list-entry-face-0 ((t (:foreground ,imenu))))
`(imenu-list-entry-face-1 ((t (:foreground ,imenu))))
`(imenu-list-entry-face-2 ((t (:foreground ,imenu))))
`(imenu-list-entry-face-3 ((t (:foreground ,imenu))))
`(imenu-list-entry-face-4 ((t (:foreground ,imenu))))
`(imenu-list-entry-face-5 ((t (:foreground ,imenu))))
`(helm-source-header ((t (:height (lambda (_x) (poet-theme--height 1))))))
`(ein:cell-input-area ((t (:background ,org-block-bg))))
`(ein:cell-input-prompt ((t (:foreground ,org-tag :background ,bg))))
`(ein:cell-output-prompt ((t (:foreground ,org-tag :background ,bg))))
`(ivy-org ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch)))))
(custom-theme-set-variables 'poet
'(line-spacing .2)
`(fci-rule-color ,fci)))
(when (and (boundp 'custom-theme-load-path)
(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path
(file-name-directory load-file-name))))
(provide-theme 'poet)
(provide 'poet-theme)
;;; poet-theme.el ends here